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Thursday, March 28, 2019


Blogger Comments:  Even as an investigator she just couldn't get it right.  Then we elected her sheriff, and then we went down an 8-year rocky road.  Just when you think you have heard it all.  Think again.

Adult stepdaughter, daughter testify in Morgan County man's sexual abuse case


    A former Morgan County man charged with rape, sexual abuse and other crimes against his daughter and stepdaughter admitted to sexual acts with his stepdaughter, but said "she wasn’t forced,” according to a statement and recorded interview after his arrest in 2017.
    “I did the wrong thing,” said Michael Lesher, 53, in the videotaped interview that jurors watched Wednesday during the second day of his trial in Morgan County Circuit Court.
    Lesher’s adult daughter and stepdaughter testified Tuesday that as children they were sexually abused by him and his wife when the family lived in Falkville.Michael Lesher is charged with four counts of first-degree sodomy, two counts of first-degree rape, two counts of first-degree sexual abuse, second-degree rape and incest.
    Lisa Lesher, 40, is charged with four counts of first-degree sodomy, two counts of first-degree rape, sexual torture/abuse, first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree sodomy. She will be tried in a separate trial that hasn’t been set.
    The Leshers were indicted by a Morgan County grand jury in September 2017 and arrested the next month by U.S. marshals in Georgia, where they were living at the time.
    In the more than two-hour interview the day of his arrest, Lesher at first denied the charges against him.
    “I wouldn’t touch my daughters for nothing,” he said. “I haven’t done anything.”Later in the interview, he said he and his stepdaughter, about 13 or 14 at the time, were kidding around and she grabbed his genitals, then he grabbed her buttocks. A couple of weeks later, she came into the Leshers’ bedroom, groped him and started performing oral sex.
    “I immediately sent her back to her room,” he said, adding that his wife wasn’t aware of what happened.
    In a three-page statement signed by Lesher, he said his stepdaughter would come into the Leshers’ bedroom while they were having sex and want to participate.
    “She wasn’t forced,” he said in the interview. “She was a willing participant.”
    Twice, he said: "I didn't make anybody do anything."He said his stepdaughter told him, “if I didn’t do it, she’d put me in jail.”
    The stepdaughter denied in testimony on Tuesday that she willingly took part in sex acts.
    “I was stupid,” Lesher said in the recording. “I did the wrong thing. I’m not trying to make it look like I’m the victim."
    When asked about his daughter’s accusations, Lesher said, “I never touched (her). I don’t remember anything like that.”
    The interview took place in a room in the Carroll County Jail in Carrollton, Georgia, in October 2017, according to testimony by Johnny Coker, an investigator with the Morgan County District Attorney’s office.
    Coker testified the lead interviewer was now-former Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin, and he was also in the room, acting as a secondary officer. He also questioned Lesher.
    Coker said he first got involved in the Lesher case in late 2011, after he was hired as an investigator in the DA’s office. He said Lesher’s stepdaughter had called the office to see if the case could be re-opened and prosecuted.
    Testifying for the defense Wednesday were two people who met the Leshers through Echota Cherokee Tribe activities, and spent time with them at tribal gatherings and at the Lesher home.
    Keith Lyell of Cullman, who said he was friends with the Leshers and their children for about three or four years, testified that Michael Lesher’s stepdaughter didn’t appear to be under any stress when he saw her.
    Asked if he ever saw any inappropriate behavior by Michael Lesher toward any of his children, Lyell said no.Susan Eason of Birmingham said Michael Lesher treated his stepdaughter “like a biological child. I thought that was admirable.”
    Asked if she saw any inappropriate behavior by Lesher toward his stepdaughter or his other children, Eason said, “No, absolutely not.” or 256-340-2438. Twitter @DD_MAccardi.


  1. Is this the case where Ana was a no show?? Unbelievable.

  2. No matter who the lead investigator was this man and his wife are GUILTY

  3. Today's article says that she couldn't be found to be served a subpoena. They don't know where she is

  4. Her big dog attorney has to know. There are several cases coming up where she will have to show up to.

  5. She cant make the excuse of family ill and being at a rodeo in Oklahoma.