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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Nobody does it better

Blogger Comments:  Nobody says it better than the Daily.  We believe in immunity.  We believe that all law-abiding law enforcement officers should be granted when they are WORKING WITHIN THE LAW.  

This isn't rocket science.  You get elected, you serve the people with loyalty, integrity, honesty, and you stay within the realm of duties and responsibilities.  That is what most law enforcement officers do.  Corruption hurts.  It hurt the Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees who had to hold the SO together, it hurt public officials, it hurt the citizens, and it hurt us.

We are very proud of Leon Bradley. He did something most of his co-workers were afraid to do.  It cost him his job, embarrassment, the stigma of being arrested, his daughter was starting college, and his entire family suffered.

The whistleblower had the honor of sitting with Leon and his family when Judge Thompson ruled in Leon's favor.  His friends were there to support him.  His friends became the whistleblower's friends.  A lot of people believed us.  That is why we were able to keep going.  One of the defendants promised to break the whistleblower and will not stop until that mission is met.  Leon, Rick, and the whistleblower have come close to losing everything.  Speaking for the whistleblower, who owns her business, they have almost succeeded.  

Sounds again like Attorneys Heatherly and Tuten are at the top of their game.

Former sheriff's third bid for immunity rejected


  • Former Sheriff Ana Franklin has sought to dismiss three different lawsuits on the grounds that she was protected by governmental immunity, and a federal judge has rejected her assertion each time.




  1. This is hilarious because cops are almost always granted immunity.


  2. Not criminal cops. Go get them Heatherly.

  3. Why does Ana need immunity when she has gotten away with everything?

  4. I am so sick of her running free after all she has done and still trying to say she has done nothing wrong. Throw her ass in jail.

  5. Has the legislature took any action on the Jail food problem? Are they going to this session?