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Friday, March 22, 2019


Blogger Comments.  We rarely respond to comments but this one is worthy of comment.  Anybody who knows the whistleblower knows that there is nothing more near and dear to her heart than those with mental illness.  We lived with mental illness in our family for years before our son passed away.  During the last sheriff's administration, there was a lot of information coming out of the jail about those with mental illness and the fact they were not allowed to receive the medications their doctor prescribed.  The whistleblower's son was one of those inmates.  If you are in jail and you are not authorized to take the prescriptions your physician prescribed, you cannot help in your own defense. And when you do get out of jail you are as unstable as you were before you were incarcerated.  The whistleblower's son spent many many days, weeks, and months in the hospital for stabilization.  That was a big issue for us.  Many times when mentally disabled loved ones are off their meds for an extended amount of time they need to be hospitalized to stabilize.   As for the mentally ill being in institutions, I believe that many of those jailed do not belong in jail.  They need to be stabilized and if at all possible returned to their families until they work through the legal system.  Mentally illness is not a one stop fits all.  When it comes to treatment and where it takes place, there is a broad range of options.  Mental institutions are just one of them.

We hope this answers your concerns.  We apologize if our blog was confusing.  The mentally ill like the special needs are God's chosen children.  Abusing those with special needs or those with mental illness will be dealt with, perhaps not on this earth but in time.

Do you really believe all mentally ill people should be in mental instituitons.That is what you said at the beginning of this post. You apparently believe the mentally ill cannot function in society. I'm surprised at you. That hits close to home. on Mental Illness - Here comes help
on 3/21/19

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