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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Looking Back

We started the blog in October 2015.  One year later the whistleblower's office and Leon Bradley's house had been searched by Morgan County's dirtiest.  The more we wrote and the more reported had some jumping up and down.  Even in the Title Mart Bankruptcy court way back then Billable jumped up and down and demanded to know who the whistleblowers are.  Billable was relentless in his desire to know who ran the blog.

What did it matter the truth was being told?  That's what they couldn't stand.  The truth is day after day more and more truth came out.  Stop the whistleblowers.  I want them stopped.  I demand they be stopped.

Once the truth was out it was hard to stop the ball from rolling.  It is hard to imagine that we went through pure hell once the truth began to come out.

We did not know that one of the previous dirty do-littles was watching our office and blackmailing someone to get into our office and somehow in their eyes it is still our fault.  You can bet if you spoke to any one of the four dirty doo-littles none would admit that they did anything wrong.

After losing their jobs because they followed the leader, they still can say the words they need to say.

We hear things all the time that we can't put on the blog.  Sometimes it's just funny stuff and sometimes it is serious.

They go about their merry way still waiting a miracle.  Can't fault that, we do too.  These folks acted like little Gods.  They knew better than the public.  They were trying to protect the public from two hardened criminals:  Leon Bradley and Glenda Lockhart.  Those who dared, to tell the truth, are the ones that needed punishment.

In our opinion, they got caught at their dirty deeds that nobody would have believed.  That is, except for us.

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  1. Has the legislature took any action on the jail food problem?