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Saturday, March 2, 2019

How would you like it if?

Morgan sheriff: Homeowner finds burglary in progress

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An Arab woman was charged with breaking into a home after the owner arrived to find a burglary in progress, according to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.
Blogger Login:  Can you imagine coming home from work and seeing someone looking like this trashing your home and tossing your belongings around?  The Morgan County deputies were on the scene quickly thanks to a quick-thinking homeowner and the efficiency of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  No!  Sheriff Puckett was not on the news?  What's going on is there's a new sheriff in town.  No more they love me they really really love me.  The MCSO is just doing their job the way it should be done.  What a concept...  Don't expect Sheriff Puckett to be on the scene for every arrest.  He will let his deputies be his publicity.  

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  1. Go Puckett. I know big changes is on the way. You was good for Hartselle you will be good for the county. Give your men the credit they deserve. It has been a long time coming.