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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Desperate we assume... How low will they go?

Your case is heard in open court.  Multiple witnesses tell the tale of what you did.  You are found guilty by the sitting judge.  You have an opportunity to appeal, but you don't.  You cry foul like a spoiled two-year-old.  Your own testimony makes it obvious that you are guilty.  Yet, you continue to harass Leon Bradley and destroy his character.  What a piece of work you are.  Haven't you done enough to destroy his good name?  No, you will never stop until the court stops you.  Why?  Money.  The only people paying for their attorneys are Glenda Lockhart, Leon Bradley, Daniel Lockhart, and Justin Powell.  We do not have unlimited funds to work with.  So, are you trying to break us down, or bankrupt us, and destroy us.  Sure appears so.

How low will they go?  Lower than whale poop.  These guys are so desperate they sent a so-called PI to Georgia without a license to try and get Daniel Lockhart to change his sworn testimony.  Why?  They are desperate.  

What can you say to these people?  Dummy, you missed your deadline to appeal the hearing.  Didn't you hear the witnesses testify against you?  Didn't you hear Judge Thompson's ruling?  Oh! That doesn't matter because you have more money than they do nanny nanny boo boo.  We have something you don't:   the truth.  Nanny Nanny Boo Boo  to you!.  Waste the courts time and our money.  You clearly have nothing better to do. 


  1. Sounds like the whistleblowers got your number. Not too mention the legit and honest law enforcement.

  2. Can those who had their guns seized and sold by the SO get them back once they were found not guilty? Doubt it.

    1. Your property sits until after the judicial process. If you are found guilty, you do not get it back, not guilty you do. Call the Sheriff's Drug Unit. The theiving crooks are gone.