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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Congratulation Attorney Robert Tuten and Nick Heatherly

Ex-lawyer, businessman acquitted in Shoals human trafficking case

A former attorney and another man were acquitted of human trafficking charges today after a three-week trial in Lauderdale County.
Chip Dillard, a 54-year-old former Florence lawyer and Timothy Staggs, an 86-year-old local businessman, were acquitted of allegations they forced local women into sexual servitude.“We are ecstatic for our client and his family and well as Mr. Staggs and his family,” said Huntsville defense attorney Nick Heatherly. Along with Huntsville attorney Robert Tuten, Heatherly represented Dillard at trial.
The case was prosecuted by Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office. A spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Friday evening.
“The attorney general’s office never should have brought this case,” Heatherly told “This was never a human trafficking case. Our hearts go out to true victims of human trafficking.”
Dillard and Staggs were accused of forcing women into sexual servitude in return for getting them out of the Lauderdale County jail, reported news partner WHNT News 19. The TV station reported that prosecutors alleged the men used drugs and money as leverage.
Dillard was charged with multiple counts of human trafficking, bribing a witness, destruction of evidence, sexual abuse and more. Staggs also faced charges of human trafficking and more.
The jury returned not guilty verdicts on all counts.“Justice was served,” Heartherly said.
A third man, Reginald Brett Mitchell, was charged in the case, the TimesDaily reported. Mitchell pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against the Dillard and Staggs in exchange for a 12-month sentence, according to the newspaper.
Blogger Comments:

Anybody can be arrested but not all people are acquitted.  Trust me on this one.   I know.  The key is telling the truth while others involved will lie their butts off.  We have seen that first hand by the sleazy previous sheriff of Morgan County.

We observed Leon Bradley arrested for made up BS, lies, and intent to destroy his good name.  All because of his association with the whistleblower.  Those with malice will do anything to see your downfall.

We watched Attorneys Robert Tuten and Nick Heatherly while representing Leon Bradley in the April hearing in the Honorable Glen Thompson's courtroom rip the sorry pieces of dirty worthless corrupt law enforcement get what they deserved.  Tuten and Heatherly laid out their case logically and methodically while not taking lip off of a mouthy sheriff, two deputies, and a so-called Information Specialist (IT).  We heard from credible law enforcement from the MCSO as well as credible law enforcement officers from other counties detail what these dirty cops did to Leon.  Tuten and Heatherly did a superb job that led the Honorable Judge Thompson rule against the dirty cops.   We forgot the ex-boyfriend.  The fantasy was to run the old boy over with a bush hog.

Franklin wanted to make sure that Leon Bradley and whistleblower paid dearly for what Franklin thought they had done to her.  She wanted to throw Ray Long under a bus, blame Rick Sherman for colluding with the whistleblower, and what about Bili, Corley, and Livingston.  She just couldn't fire Livingston because of his age.  Had we maintained the usual with the same ole sheriff ole Ray would not have lasted in office before she kicked him out of office.  As for the whistleblower, she is going to pay.  Pay dearly.

All this being said Congratulation Attorney's Tuten and Heatherly. 


  1. Are you serious? Congratulations to these 2 guys.

  2. For goodness sake I thought you people wanted criminals in jail.

    1. I have never seen people fight harder to get dirty slime balls locked up than the whistleblowers. The key hear is criminals that have been found guilty in court and not those that a jury decided was not guilty.

  3. I thought we lived in American where each person was considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I was there. I listened to the case. The jury listened to the case. Are you saying the jury got it wrong? Are you saying the jury was rigged, or are you stereotyping because of the nature of the case? This type thought process has become a serious issue in our country. Take the Cavanaugh case for example.

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