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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Civil forfeiture

Blogger Comments:  Drug Dealers and such should have their property seized until their cases have been adjudicated.  If not convicted the property must be returned.  To date, Leon Bradley has not had any of his property returned.  All of the Whistleblower's property has not been returned.  Neither the whistleblower or Bradley have been convicted of any crimes.  We are not drug dealers, no guns were found on our property, no drugs were found on our property.  We are victims of overzealous MCSO sheriff along with dumb and dumber.   All they wanted was to shut us up and ensure we were punished for what we were doing.  Has anyone ever heard of backfiring?

Sheriff Puckett is going to be good for MCSO and our county.
Our View

Alabama takes step toward civil forfeiture reform

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The Issue

A voluntary reporting system for civil asset forfeiture in Alabama is a step in the right direction, but more should be done to curtail the taking of people's property without their having been convicted of a crime.


  1. In the past items have been kept in the property room until the case is over. Not supposed to be sold til then anyway.

  2. Police won't give up their stealing without a fight.