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Friday, March 22, 2019

Blakely vice our previous sheriff - Two peas in a pod

Blogger Comments:  Looks like Blakely finally has to pay back the employees he used to run his favorite part of the job.  The Rodeo.  Blakely has been at this for years.  Almost 50K will be paid back to 126 employees for the work they performed at the rodeo.  We believe that figure only skims the surface.  Blakely has been running his rodeo for years using employees as free resources.  The only problem is Blakely's use of employees according to the DOL doesn't fall within the guidelines for volunteer labor.  Maybe he should have stuck with inmate labor for his pet projects.

Sounds like if you disagree with Blakely about working the rodeo there will be consequences for your refusal.  It seems obvious if Blakely punished his employees for not working the rodeos.   What else did he punish them for?  

Using employee labor for your own personal gain and demanding your employees work the rodeo without pay is disgraceful.  How many men and women had to forego their own family events to cater to Blakely's rodeo needs?  How many years has this gone on?  Blakely hasn't taken inmate food funds since approximately 2011 but he still has a lucrative business with the rodeo  What is frustrating is why not pay the employees you have working like a dog on your pet project?  Has Blakely ever disclosed the proceeds he has made from the rodeo?  We doubt it.  Blakely showed our previous sheriff the ropes.  Guess that may be how she learned to use the deputies, clerks, and staff for her own personal gain with her rodeo.  Only she went truly efficient with her ATM machines. 

We believe Blakely has more coming his way.  Look! It's time for the people of Limestone County to open their eyes.  Blakely took inmate food funds for many years.  Lord only knows how many million(s) he may have been taken.  The same with the rodeo.  Lord only knows how much money he took from posse proceeds.  We prepared an Alabama Open Record Request asking Blakely to provide copies of the posse accounts so our readers will get a good concept of what and where the proceeds from the posse funds were used for.  We also want to know how much of that money went to special needs.

Our previous sheriff was a pro with the rodeos.  She, like Blakely, made a lot of money on the so-called special needs rodeo.  Who knows?  Maybe Blakely actually gave to special needs.  One thing's for sure.   Our previous sheriff made some cash with the rodeos.  Enough so that at least one of the staff was confident enough that putting handfuls of cash in his pocket after the rodeo would not break the bank.

Labor department releases findings in Limestone Sheriff's Office investigation



  1. What's concerning is, everyone I ever hear talk about Blakely, it's never good. Different walks of life and they all have stories to tell. Not rumor, not hearsay, but from the horses mouth. I understand people can start rumors, but Ana Franklin sort of makes you want to take a second look at him. Not truly trying to be judgemental. Idk, maybe I'm wrong.

    1. Cant all be bad if he was elected to his tenth term as Sheriff. He has to be doing something good.

  2. This is so old news. You wont be able to touch Sheriff Blakely like you did Franklin.

  3. Feds in Alabama did a poor job of fighting corruption on these criminal Sheriffs that is all I will say

  4. Rumor on the street is the feds stepped down. All the hundreds of thousands of dollars Sheriff Ana took...No big deal. Just like Blakwly.

  5. Was it the note to VP Pence...was it Ana's connections with ol Charlie...Curios minds want to know

  6. We have also gotten wind the feds stopped investigation over the chief of police over falkville. His boss the mayor of falkville mailed white powder to someone before his election. But hey all is good in Falkville