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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A scheduled meeting

The whistleblower has been sick but not out.  Last Friday the whistleblower called the SO and ask if it would be possible to schedule a meeting and conduct a walkthrough of the jail.  The appointment was immediately accepted and set.

We heard from multiple employees that they love their jobs.  We wanted to see for ourselves.  Walking in the front door you find a quiet waiting room w/Corporal Dean in attendance.  The entry of the facility was exceptionally clean.   People moving in and out with Corporal Dean assisting them with their needs.

The whistleblower was directed to the second floor where she met with Mr. Mke Swafford briefly before talking to some employees.  Speaking with CPT Bili was a treat.  He was professional and shared his satisfaction with the direction the sheriff's office was taking.  Then on to the Sheriff's Office with a quick meet and greet with Sheriff Puckett and Chief Price, the communications was positive and you could just tell that this command group was headed in a positive direction.  The whistleblower asked questions about previous issues and received frank, logical, and professional answers which were readily available about the move forward.  Tetro stepped in and greeted us.  You could tell that the mood was light and relaxed and that the chief and sheriff enjoyed the walkthrough of the jail staff and that the relationship was professional yet calm.

There is serious business that takes place in the SO we citizens have a right to know that our loved ones in jail are receiving proper care, the sufficient staff is readily available to take on unexpected events.

Last but not least the whistleblower was afforded a tour of the jail.  Mike Swafford, Corporal Dean, and Corporal Sengstacke accompanied the whistleblower.  Again, the first words that come to mind are professional, calm, clean, and staffed.  We toured the kitchen, classrooms and walked through the housing.

We are gushing a little, we admit it, but people deserve to gush a little and get excited with the small changes that have taken place so far.  That, by the way, does not include the serious staff decisions that are being made that are hidden behind the scenes.

When you start cleaning house, you have to do just that.  Take care of the internal housekeeping issues so you can focus on the bigger issues.  Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done but the SO didn't get like this overnight and it will not be fixed overnight.

In the housekeeping area, it appears that the telephone inmate system is down for repair and they are diligently working to get the system up and running.  Updating antiquated systems will go along way in resolving some of those issues.   Lots of people are not familiar with the online system enough to utilize it for visiting with loved ones and feel more comfortable and closer to their loved ones when visiting the jail

We have more deputies on the road per shift than we have seen in the past seven years.

When leaving the SO yesterday we noticed two men walking in the sheriff's office with boxes of pizzas.  Those pizzas were headed to one of many classrooms where inmates are taking courses to improve their ability to become model citizens.  The opportunities are available but the inmates must make the first steps.

We encourage all of our readers to ask your loved ones to participate in the classes being offered.  The courses look good for you in court and show the court your desires to become a model citizen with no desire to return to jail.  When GED classes are made available and you work towards getting your GED, it will definitely enhance chances of obtaining a good job upon returning to society.

We also noticed four women sitting in the visitor section of the jail apparently awaiting their entry into the jail to minister to the inmates, run classes, or to let the inmates know they are not forgotten.  They just lost their way.

In closing, we would like to thank the sheriff's office for making themselves available to the whistleblower for a period of time.


  1. Good job mcso. This would have never happened under Ana's watch. (Unless there was a media op)

  2. Sheriff Ron Puckett is the best thing to happen Morgan County Sheriff's Office in a LONG time.

  3. Heck Ana called media in when ol Bones shot an innocent Golden retriever. Justice for Aubie.

  4. All over a tiny bit of pot.

  5. Sheriff Puckett will you please have ana franklin's name removed from the sign at the Sheriff's Office Posse Showgrounds on Vest Road in Hartselle.

  6. Video Visitation was back up and running today according to the Decatur Daily.

  7. Would like to see PT Test come back for the Deputies. Seems like some of these Have not taken a APOST PT Test since they went to the Academy. Part of being a Deputy Sheriff is to look Professional and be physically fit to do the Job. I would also still like to see the Corrections Officers in a separate uniform than the Deputies. With them in the same uniform as a deputy going to and from work in uniform puts them and the public in danger. They have not had the training a Deputy Sheriff has had. If the public perceives them as a deputy sheriffs and see something going on and that person does not take action it perceives like a deputy is not doing his job and looks bad on the sheriffs office. If the do act and try and play police it could make a situation very dangerous because of a lack of training and APOST Certification. Outside of the jail they are the same as a civilian. The prior leaders have brain washed them into believing they have the same authority as a Deputy. But it does look like things are starting to improve.

    1. I was told they are looking at changing Deputy Uniforms(since there is less of them and that change will cost less)

    2. That is the smart move. Sheriff Ron Puckett is making us proud to live in Morgan County again.

  8. Yes you are gushing a little bit but ain't it nice to have something to gush about. For a change.

  9. Its refreshing to see our county and our sheriff’s office receive positive feedback. Make Morgan County Great Again.

  10. Would love to see a combination of a Brown and Tan uniform.

    What is the status or has a bill been introduced to address the jail food issues for the counties who have not addressed the issue? May need to put some pressure on the legislature.