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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Marshall County Sheriff

Blogger Comments:  We wish the best for Sheriff Phil Sims.  He walked into a mess as sheriff of Marshall County.  It is hard to do a job when our families don't cooperate.  It is hard for those in positions of power to maintain their reputations when the family gets in the way.  Adult children can be challenging in the mix and can make life more difficult.  We have no control over our adult children and their problems but people judge us by our children.  The stigma is that we must have done something wrong.  Prayer is the answer.  Under tremendous pressure, Sheriff Sims is making changes in the Marshall County Jail and will continue to do a far better job than his predecessor.

That being said there is a familiar horse trailer in town for upgrades, repairs, or something.  The big news is the new administration of the SO isn't paying for it.

Marshall County sheriff’s son jailed on felony charge


  1. You can try to raise them the best you can and try to teach to go down the right path, but you cannot force them. Sheriff Phil Sims will make a great, honest sheriff.

    1. You are right. From what I hear, Woody, Ana's father was a good man, but look at what a crooked, lying, thief his daughter became. What an embarrassment to the family.