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Monday, February 4, 2019

Information Technology Specialist

Folks, it sounds as if Justin Powell, the self-made IT specialist under the previous MCSO sheriff, is without a job tonight.  We had hoped better for Powell but so many lines have been crossed since Justin joined the group that brought them down. 

The sad part of this entire saga is that none of those who did the worst can admit they did wrong.  To hear them tell it is all the fault of Glenda Lockhart, Leon Bradley, Leon Sherman, and more.

None of those employees and the previous sheriff will ever admit they did anything wrong.  We are left with a feeling of foreboding.  We are caught up in litigation that may last for years.  Yet, you ask us if it was worth it.  The simple answer is yes.  The citizens deserve better than they got.

We feel saddened that out of the gang, not one of them had the integrity to stand up and tell the truth.  The sad part of the entire event is that Powell did not receive excessive overtime or additional pay for his part of the corruption.  Sad.  Very Sad.


  1. If this information is true...which I assume it is as 99% of the info has been true so far. Puckett made another smart move. Anyone who bought into Ana's illegal criminal activity aka thugs needed to go.

  2. Maybe they can all meet up at the unemployment office together. Stop by the local church on soup day. Like all the other innocent lives destroyed have had to do.

  3. Now Livingston. How can he possibly be a good jailer at the age of 80

    1. The same way as him being a good captain...NOT

  4. Livingston is not a jailer. He works courthouse security/courts.

  5. Justin Powell was told by previous IT person Ricky Brewer that he should NOT put the keylogger on Glenda's computer without a court order. He just shrugged his shoulders like no big deal, mama ana's got my back, she will protect me. He knew it was wrong when he did it, but like all the cronies of Ana's, they thought they were above the law. He deserves what he gets. Sheriff Puckett could not trust him, who would after what he did.

  6. Ana has a way about her. She can lie with a smile.