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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How Many More

Blogger Comments:  It appears that many inmates suffer from mental illness or depression.  Something is driving the inmate to commit suicide.  Sheriffs are responsible for the inmates in their care as well as monitoring and assessing inmates for mental conditions.  

Sheriffs should work alongside their in-house medical team and should know their inmates.  Sheriffs need only assign the correctional officers to develop plans since they are the ones who oversee the inmates.  They need to report their concerns and take action with the in-house medical staff.  The way it was in the MCSO prior to Sheriff Puckett is that the "doctor" only spent approximately 5 - 7 minutes assessing the mentally ill inmates and if we are not mistaken some of those were done online.

No doctor can assess the mental stability of inmates or patients in general in that timeframe.  There is a lot of blame to go around but the buck stops at the doors of the one housing the inmate at the time of death.

Another Alabama inmate dies in prison suicide

Another inmate’s death in an Alabama prison has been ruled a suicide, officials confirmed today.
Matthew Blake Holmes was a 28-year-old prisoner at Limestone Correctional Facility when he was found dead the night of Feb. 14, according to prison officials and court records reviewed by
“Holmes’ death was ruled a suicide,” Alabama Department of Corrections spokesman Bob Horton said in an email to on Wednesday.
Holmes’ suicide came just days after lawyers from the Southern Poverty Law Center held a news conference and said 13 Alabama prison inmates had died by suicide since December 2017. Holmes’ death appears to mark the 14th such case during that time period.

Prison officials said they couldn’t comment further on Holmes’ death.
In 2010, Holmes was sentenced to 22 years in prison for Lee County robbery convictions, court records show. He was being held at Limestone Correctional, a north Alabama prison in Limestone County.
In Alabama prisons, which have been overcrowded and understaffed for years, the inmates’ attorneys said recently that the suicide rate constitutes an emergency. The inmates are represented by SPLC and the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program in a federal court case.
The lawyers recently asked U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson for an emergency order to block the placement of inmates diagnosed with serious mental illness in segregation, or individual cells, because the isolation causes their conditions to worsen and increases the risk of suicide. In a 2017 ruling — which called the prison system’s mental health care “horrendously inadequate” — Thompson cited the risk of isolating mentally ill inmates.The inmates’ attorneys say the suicide rate shows the state isn’t fixing what Thompson ruled an unconstitutional lack of mental health care.
Earlier this month, Gov. Kay Ivey announced plans to build three new state prisons as part of efforts to fix the correctional system.’s Mike Cason contributed to this story.


  1. Mental health for inmates is a joke. Even basic nursing care is a joke for inmates. There are protocols and procedures that are in place for patients/residents in hospitals and nursing homes but those same protocols are not in place for inmates at all. If hospitals and nursing homes followed the same rules like jails/prisons then people would be hollering abuse. And Abuse is exactly what it is.

  2. Abuse is the right word. Go back and review the hearing for th sheriff of Morgan County and how many times the physician lied. Totally disgusting. Fire your current medical group Puckett and hire someone who cares.

  3. Really? Puckett doesn’t give a rats ass about the inmates. He coordinated with Ana for the job before the election. Ask him why he never says anything bad about Ana. Why hasn’t he requested a forensic audit of the sheriffs office accounts? I can tell you. I want to look forward not backward. He dies not want to address the issues. He will throw the whistleblowers, Sherman, and the warden under the buss to protect Ana. His agreement.

    1. One of Ana's cronies that got booted out or had the sense to leave a head knowing what was coming. Sheriff Ron Puckett is what this county needed for a long time. We will have an honorable, respectable Sheriff's Office once again.

  4. Good lord someone honest comes into office and you bash him. He hasn't stolen funds...he probably isn't interested in rodeo scene.Try harder.

  5. This negative post sounds like someone who got their ass beat in election

  6. Wonder if Ana will show up to deposition tomorrow...was she at a rodeo in Oklahoma and claimed her mom was ill

  7. She can come up with some serious excuses that are also lies

  8. If puckette were to throw every honest individual under bus zi don't buy it Try hztder

  9. How many damn continuances can you get? My lord, that has to be a limit.

  10. Delay delay delay. That's what Ana attorneys trying to do.

  11. Its rough fighting a corrupt Sheriff your beautiful kids sick of dealing with it but if nobody stands up to corrupt lying individuals who will. The Answer is nobody. We have found this out.

  12. Everyone too scared too put their livelihood in jeapirdy. Yes man...stand up.