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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Even More on Ex-Sheriff Walls

Folks, for us bloggers Mr. Walls is the gift that keeps on giving,  For example:

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The former sheriff of Marshall county is gone from office, but he feels he’s left something behind.
Scott Walls is now suing the state comptroller over more than $20,000 in jail food money.
Last summer, Gov. Kay Ivey rescinded the policy of paying prisoner food services allowances directly to the sheriffs in the state. Now, Walls is challenging that decision.
Former Marshall County Sheriff Scott Walls has filed suit in Montgomery circuit court against state comptroller, Kathleen Baxter, who carried out the governor's memo.
That memo ordered funds to go to the county general fund or to an account established for sheriff's official use.
Walls’ attorney says they are asking a judge to decide if the state has a right to do what they did or did they violate state law which puts the food money in the hands of the sheriff.
The suit maintains Walls was personally financially responsible for the feeding of prisoners at the jail and therefore the money should be his.

Ivey sent out the memo last July and the suit asking the court to determine the rightful owner of the funds from Sept. 1, 2018 until Walls left office on Jan. 15, 2019.
WAFF 48 News have reached out for a response from the state comptroller’s office but have not yet received one.
As of now, a hearing date has not been set.

Even with tons of toilet paper, inmate videos, shutting down the SO web site on the way out,  and the mother of all shake-downs, could he get any sillier?  The man's got gall, nerves, and b....s, everything except shame.

Meanwhile, we'll sit back and wait for the next pratfall.


  1. Wonder if his attorney is Anas

  2. Ana thinks Federal court is like Burger King and she can have it her way.

    1. Well, we definitely know she's not feeling McDonald's.

  3. Hey you guys do a good job but is there another word besides folks you can start to use. It is kind of getting old just saying.