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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Decatur Daily Editorial

Folks, The Daily editors have nailed it again.   The link is just below this comment but you may hit their paywall,  so we reprinted it here.  Further proof that things are turning around.  Enjoy the ride.
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Promising start for new Morgan sheriff

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The Issue

For years, Morgan County residents have had to wonder about the integrity of the elected sheriff. It’s early, but the new sheriff seems determined to restore the public's trust. There’s a new sheriff in town.
If the claims made last week by a fired Morgan County sheriff’s deputy are accurate, residents of the county have one more indication that honor is being restored to the Sheriff’s Office.
Former deputy Robert Wilson, a longtime confidant of former Sheriff Ana Franklin, was deeply immersed in her effort to bring charges against her former jail warden and in the volatile conflict with a Falkville blogger who helped pull the plug on the two-term Franklin administration. The credibility of Wilson — along with Franklin and Deputy Blake Robinson — was questioned in a court order last year dismissing the charges against the warden.Wilson alleged in a lawsuit that the new sheriff last month read him his walking papers.
“ ‘You’re no use as a deputy,’ ” newly installed Sheriff Ron Puckett told Wilson, according to the lawsuit. “ ‘You can’t testify in court, today. The DA’s office wouldn’t hear your testimony. As far as a useful deputy, you can’t even arrest anybody. You could, but because of the court order, the DA’s not going to hear your testimony. I recognize that it may be a matter of opinion, but opinion matters.’ ”
Those words came Jan. 15, according to Wilson, Puckett’s first day in office. Robinson, also a plaintiff in the lawsuit, alleged he resigned before Puckett took office with considerable encouragement from the incoming sheriff.
Puckett and District Attorney Scott Anderson are not defendants in the lawsuit, and they declined to comment on the accuracy of the complaint. If the allegations are accurate — and Puckett’s confirmation that he terminated Wilson and that Robinson resigned add credence to the claims — then both Puckett and Anderson are helping to steer the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office toward a long-abandoned righteous path.
The taint of greed and corruption has fouled the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office for years. Even before Franklin took office in 2011, her predecessor spent a night in jail when it was revealed to a federal judge that he had pocketed money issued by the state for feeding inmates.Franklin continued her predecessor’s penchant for jail-food money — she invested some of the cash into a used car and title loan business run by an ex-felon — and her lapses in judgment soon cascaded into a torrent of questionable conduct that snared some deputies, and left others humiliated by the taint on their honorable work.
Puckett’s first days in office were not just spent ridding the county of personnel who could no longer serve the county effectively. In a long-overdue step, he also increased efficiency by shutting down the duplicative Sheriff’s Office dispatching function, moving it to Morgan County 911.
On Jan. 27, Puckett administered the oath of office to deputies.
“On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust,” the deputies swore. “I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.”
It’s an honorable oath, and early indications are that Puckett and his deputies take it seriously.


  1. Really good article. Thank you for posting!

  2. Careful people less than a month in its way too early we did the same thing with Franklin and Bartlett ya hoo singing their praises in the first month. Look what we ended up with with those two. In Puckett’s first two articles he praised cow girl Franklin. He even said honorable when describing her. So give it some time before we praise let him earn it. After all I think anyone that had gotten elected would have gotten rid of her boys. Support him yes praise him after some time and after it is earned. This is just too soon. For the record I believe he will turn things around the right way but only time will tell.

  3. Your negative comments are worse than Puckett being civil by far. Puckett is doing the right thing. He has gotten rid of Ana’s cronies. Puckett has no need to be negative. The criminals and their crimes were before he took office. Sheriff Ron Puckett will in no way hamper the outcome for those who will face accountability. The question is which Sheriff Candidate were you? Please help instead of hampering and trying to cause doubt. Ron Puckett won by a commanding margin. The people have spoken. Please stop being a part of the problem! Morgan County Sheriff's Office and its new very experienced Command Staff is better off than it has been for many many years period. Prayers have been answered.

    1. With me expressing careful people it’s too soon yet is negative comments? Saying support him but let him earn his praise is negative comments? SMH Yes the people have spoken. They spoke with the last two sheriffs as well did they not? Over whemingly like this election. Which one did you vote for then? Which candidate was I ? ( seeing as how I would never involve myself in the politics of this state but I’ll appease you ) I was candidate number 7 lol. Really one can’t express an opinion anymore without being judged and criticized. Such drama ! SMH

    2. I agree there is usually some drama when someone gets butt hurt about somebody’s opinion but that’s what happens these days on forums like these. Honestly I would like to say that this last election was one of the cleanest I’ve seen in this county for a long time it was boring but god’s to see. I think if another “candidate” had anything bad to say it would have been said then. That’s something for the voters to be proud of and I’ve yet to read anything negative here about the new sheriff. So I guess my opinion will get scrutinized too. As is life.

  4. Thank You Sheriff Puckett. You are going to make the Morgan County Sheriff's Office trust worthy and admirable again. He has not been like that in years.

    1. "It" has not been like that in 8 years.

  5. Amen to Sheriff Puckette many honest individuals were drug through the mud over her criminal enterprise. God takes care of people who stand up. Just saying

  6. Ana's attorney is a dumbass. Ridiculous behavior coming from an attorney. Who cares...his pockets are being protected to represent criminals.

  7. Come arrest us for telling truth. Don't blame innocent honest folks. He should be arrested himself for making such outlandish claims. Gross

  8. Praying for Sheriff Puckett and Chief Deputy Price... they walked into a mess that will take years to clean up. The good men and women who work hard and that are honesty and love there jobs not just a paycheck have suffered enough. Time to throw out the trash and get good people.