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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A little upset

It seems like some of our readers are a little upset that some of the old regime may still be at the SO.  Don't be.  Eventually, they will show their true colors.  The previous sheriff was afraid to fire him because it could be considered age discrimination.  We believe that an audit of the equipment and weapons would be enough to call in ALEA.

Sheriff Puckett has only been in office for a little over a month.  The problems that come up in the SO began in 2011 and carried through until 14 January 2019.  You can't fix years of a broken system in a month.  The new sheriff in town has a lot of worries.  We hope at some point the sheriff will be able to raise pay for the employees.  That won't happen overnight either.

Sadly, what we have seen in years past is what we believe to be corruption at its worst.  Most of the employees in the sheriff's office were and are great people.  However, it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the reputation of any agency.  Some of those he left are proclaiming that they are glad to be gone because they have landed better jobs. That is good if they have found jobs they are better suited for.

Surely one of these folks has a conscious and wants to come clean.  It's time to look to the future and all the new changes that are playing out on a daily basis.  However, we can't help but hope the previous sheriff and her band of goons are punished for what they have done.


  1. Keeping an 80 year old Ana supporter not a good idea. Just saying.

  2. You partake in thievery you don't belong in a cushy job.

  3. Too many honest folks fought long and hard to rid this county of corruption in an honest way. Don't leave any barnicals behind.

  4. Wonder if Ana is enjoying her grand estate. Nobody should,forget her wrongdoings. Puckette could give all deputies a good raise if they seize what wasn't here in first place

  5. I hope state auditors are going thru money and inventory with a fine tooth comb. Livingston will be gone for sure then.

    1. I wouldn't rely on any state Auditors. They all have her back

  6. Did he note handed to Pence take care of all. I surely hope not

  7. As previously mentioned, it takes time to fix 8 years of screw ups. Rome wasn't built in a day. It took Ana, Bones, Blake, Corley, and Larry a long time to create the mess. A lot going on, results will show soon!

  8. Amen to that. Puckett as well as Price are outstanding honest individuals