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Friday, January 4, 2019


Judge to decide Morgan County Sheriff’s fate after guilty plea to federal charge

Franklin agreed on December 18, 2018, to plead guilty to a federal charge of failing to file an income tax return. Under Alabama law, the sheriff won’t lose her job.
But it won’t be long before a new sheriff takes over. Franklin didn’t run for a third term and is leaving office in January. Sheriff-elect Ron Puckett is set to be sworn-in in mid-January.
She faces up to a year in jail and a $100,000 fine. Prosecutors said in a court filing they weren’t recommending a sentence in the case, but instead deferring to the judge’s decision.
The charge stems from money Franklin earned in 2015 but failed to report on her taxes by April 2016. Court documents report Franklin received a gross income of more than $10,300 in 2015.
Because of the amount, Franklin was required by law to make an income tax return to the Internal Revenue Service. The court said Franklin was aware of what she needed to do but did not before April 15, 2016.
By pleading guilty, court records show Franklin also waived her right to appeal the conviction and sentencing in this case.
“Public officials not only have a duty to uphold the law, but also to follow it, including promptly and accurately filing their tax returns,” Jay Town, US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, said.  “Those who fail to do so, will be prosecuted.  We appreciate the investigative work of IRS-CID and FBI Birmingham.”


  1. Martha Stewart went to Federal Prison over 60K. Didn’t she spend 4 or 5 months.

  2. It is clear Ana is still looking for sympathy and has many fooled. Even a few of the current employees like Richard Moats who likes her poor pitiful me post. Most of Ana’s supporters in the Sheriffs Office have already resigned because they know she is in real trouble and they likely are right along with her. Ana acts as if this is all that is coming down on her. Can she really be this ignorant? Obviously she can or she would not have committed all the many criminal acts she did while stealing so much county property and funds. The whole circumstances are very sad but a Facebook post won’t fool most. Why is it that only a couple of the 200+ employees of the Sheriffs Office likes the post? The employees at least now all finally know a small portion of the truth. This is the worst Sheriff in history of this county and has willifully committed many crimes while using her position to destroy whoever stood in her way through deception and manipulation as well as blackmail and cohesion. She is ruthless. Look out jail house cell mates! Your crackers aren’t safe around Ana.

  3. The truth is coming out and Ana is still trying to spin her way out. Reality is coming crashing down. Walking away from office won’t help her or the others who walked away. Accountability is coming. No way any of them will walk. Ignorance is no excuse. Facebook spin won’t work. If she were to actually show up to work and address the employees it would not work. So sad greed distorted her and caused her to distort others. Some who stood against her and all that stood with her. Embarrassing does not scratch the surface.

  4. MORE OF ANA LIES! Spin it Ana!
    Doesn’t work anymore for those smart enough to know and understand the truth. Tax fraud is only a very small part of the criminal enterprise. Ana along with many other Sheriffs and at least one local lawyer will pay dearly for their actions. Ana has caused embarrassment to the entire state and even to the White House passing “help me” notes. Sheriffs across the state being held accountable due to Ana’s actions and Ana and her coconspirators being exposed. Look at this manipulative garbage Ana posted on Facebook! What a joke. Ana still pleads her innocence when she and others are clearly greed filled criminals. She knows no limits and may even be of such mentality to believe the story she tries to sell. Habitual liar.

    Good evening, yesterday was a very difficult day for me and my family, my many close friends, and for those that have worked closely with me throughout the years as I served as your sheriff.

    Yesterday I plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge for failing to file my 2015 income tax return timely as required. Most people know and understand that a failure to file a tax return by the due date is an offense which requires fines, penalties, and interest. But this offense also carries the potential to be charged criminally for a misdemeanor.

    The confusion surrounding the Alabama inmate food law continues to be an issue for me and the other sheriffs that are affected by this, as well as those state officials that are struggling to resolve these legal matters. My failure to file the tax return on time stems from this confusion, but as an elected official and public servant, my obligation to obey all laws and try to adhere as closely as possible to the rule and spirit of the law is greater, and a higher standard is expected of me. My accountability is also greater because I am the sheriff and I am sworn to uphold the law. Because of my oath to uphold the laws, the Constitution of the United States and the State of Alabama, I believe it is the right thing to do to accept responsibility for this offense.

    I am particularly thankful to Senator Arthur Orr for his willingness to take on this very controversial and difficult topic. I am also thankful to you, the citizens of Morgan County for voting to pass the amendment which will now eliminate this problem for future sheriffs in Morgan County.

    Because of ongoing pending civil litigation, I cannot speak to every detail or to dispel all of the rumors and false allegations that continue to be spread, but as to this issue, I cooperated fully with the investigation and admitted to authorities at the onset that I had not initially filed my taxes on time as required. All taxes, penalties, fines, fees or interest due has been paid and my tax return was filed before I was aware of this investigation by the IRS.

    I am sincerely sorry for the pain and embarrassment that this has caused for the Office of Sheriff and my community. I am especially sad and embarrassed for the way this reflects upon my family and loved ones that have supported me. I apologize for the mistake that I have made and for my shortcomings.

    As I near the end of my term, I am ever thankful and grateful for the opportunity that you gave me to serve you. I have attempted to do my best as your sheriff and to diligently work to make our county a safer place. I am so proud of the staff at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, for the dedication they have to the people of this county, and for the difference they have made. My prayers will continue to be for this office, this county that I love, and for Sheriff Puckett as he steps into this very important role.

    Thank you all for the prayers, your friendship and for the kindness that you have bestowed upon me throughout the years. May God Bless you all and this great nation.


  5. Destroy not distort

  6. I wonder if prosecutors will use her FB post as a means to get a stiffer sentence and fine because she obviously still wants to spin and shun responsibility for her intentional criminal acts and make it look as if it were only an oversight on her part. Was her statement of economic interest properly filled out during her time in office or was that also intentionally falsified?

  7. Don’t y’all see she took responsibility for a simple oversight and being held accountable. Y’all just picking on this poor woman who refuses to take responsibility for anything she is not forced to. She doesn’t take responsibility for or admit her drug addiction either. But it’s okay to be in denial and irresponsible if you are mental, drug induced or not it’s just a little self medicating with tax payer money. She is immune to drug test.

  8. There’s no words to describes Ana’s unapologetiic comment about her crime. Every excuse in the book and no responsibility taken.

  9. I didn’t see comments on her Facebook from the old crowd.

  10. It’s abundantly clear Ana is full of greed driven ignorance but even she should know ignorance is no excuse for the law.