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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

There you go Gene. It's all about keeping the public informed.

Two Lawrence officers injured by inmate

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  1. Sad that he has to be made to do this. He only releases information after it is leaked out and he is forced to respond. Just like another article about his brother being in a wreck that totaled a county car and injured two, he did not release that information till 20 days after the accident and only when forced to after the media had been made aware of it. He only gets those quick press releases out when it is bad on someone else, when it is him he ducks and hides. Gene probably glad he got beat, he could not have handled four more years of transparency that he has been held to the last 7 months.

  2. He is not being honest by saying he typically has four jailers on duty. Everyone knows there are only two, trying to put that Montgomery spin and polish on it. Just tell the truth Gene.

  3. He needs to take that left over jail food money he is pocketing and hire some jailers, think about their safety, not greed.