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Sunday, January 20, 2019

The whistleblower was called a delusional crazy old woman

 Blogger Comments:  The morgancountywhistleblower was called a delusional crazy old woman.  Nothing she said was true.  You can't believe anything the whistleblower says.  Do not read the blog because you can't trust it.  Folks, the whistleblower had no reason to lie about what was going on in the MCSO or the people involved in the blogs we wrote.  We do not hate those folks.  As a matter of fact, we feel sorry for them.  Speaking of delusional, there are a few people missing from the SO right now who could be called delusional but they are not.  Some of these folks have been caught red-handed.  If nothing else ever happens to those who deserve to be in jail, at least they are out of a job.  No longer can they hurt the people of our county.

If Blakely told Ramsey to see a psychiatrist shame on him.  Blakely could have ordered Ramsey to go through an evaluation.  He did not do that.  What he did do is demote her from investigator to patrol duty.  

We sympathize with Ramsey.  We have been through years of pure hell and to date, we do not feel confident that those who should be punished will be.  The sheriffs of Alabama seem to have power beyond what most politicians in Alabama have.  We couldn't care less if corrupt politicians are Republican or Democrat. They should be held to a higher standard than the everyday citizens.  Instead, the corrupt politicians in Alabama seem to be handled with kid gloves while the courts throw the book at the everyday citizen.

Approximately three months ago Blakely was slapped with a potential ethics violations.
Blakely is confident about being exonerated by the AG's office.  Well, of course, he is confident.  He is a sheriff after all.  Nobody can touch him  ..... until they do. Right, Ana?  Right, Gene?

We do not know who is right or wrong in the Ramsey case but she has her ducks in a row.  She has a tremendous load to carry with her Federal Lawsuit which will take years to resolve.  

As for the lawsuit not being tried in the court of public opinion that is a joke.  Ms. Ramsey, please prepare yourself to be called just about every name in the book.

Lawsuit should not be tried in the court of public opinion


  1. From the article: "This lawsuit could provide a chance to improve what's already good. If a jury finds in favor of Ramsey, it's an opportunity for Blakely to make sweeping changes in his department that would benefit not only his employees, but also the community." What the hell! Does it take a jury decision of guilt to provide an opportunity to make "sweeping changes", changes that he could make RIGHT NOW! Could have been made any time during his 36 years as sheriff. Why not now, sheriff? Do the right thing. Do it for your county or at least for your own self-respect. If it is true, Sheriff Blakely does not deserve to be the Sheriff of Limestone County or any other county.

  2. The whistleblower May be a crazy old woman but she pegged Mike Blakely for the man he is. The liberal press will back him no matter what the charges are. Why shouldn’t they? Hell look what Ana Franklin got away with.