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Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Drama Next Door

Folks, we have heard a lot of rumors from Limestone County over the years.  We are pretty sure if we go back a couple of sheriffs in Morgan County you would not be surprised at the tales that could be told.  Oh! How the rumors do fly.

The truth will eventually come out in Limestone County we pray Ms. Ramsey is strong enough to see it through.  She seems to have followed the proper protocol. 

The allegations of incompetence and misconduct identified in the Daily news article are disturbing. 

The beloved Blakely of Limestone County looks guilty for the actions taken against Ramsey after she reported the incident. 


Crystal Vander Weit/Decatur Daily



  1. Every story I've heard about Blakely has not been good. I know that's hearsay, but 20+ years of these stories are concerning and they are similiar in nature.

  2. If the accusations in this complaint and the double standards are true, the limestone county sheriff's department has serious issues and the department needs looking into. The things described are very detailed and should be easy to prove.

  3. We already know Blakely is not a good steward of tax payer monies. Remember the six thousand, that's right $6,000.00 office desk! Is that really necessary for a county sheriff?

    1. Do we know if sheriffs office funds paid for the desk or did he personally pay for it. Let's report the facts and not speculation. Maybe it w as s bought at Gov. Auction? Just because someone found one on line for that price doesn't necessarily mean he paid that for it.

  4. I have heard for years that promotions were tied to the rodeo and # of ads you sold. It doesn't make sense how promotions are done over there. One day a guy is a deputy and the next he is a captain or lieutenant. What is up with that? Can anyone inside the department confirm the stories about rodeo ad sales?

  5. Stand strong. Been in your shoes

  6. Someone said Ana had a little thing with Blakely...he called Sheriff of Morgan County to hire her before she caused a problem for him. She walked right into investigations with zero experience

  7. They say she still took care of him after she was hired in Morgan County. Rumors maybe but may be truth

  8. That is 100% truth.

  9. I saw ana at a party a few years back drunk as can be .She sure does like to hug and kiss on the other women

  10. Blakely made a very poor decision when such a serious accusation was made against his chief deputy. He should have brought in an outside agency to investigate. Now it looks like a cover up. Blakely is just so use to saying jump and everyone asking how high. Needs to be a full investigation. These allegations are criminal.