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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

No hate here

Folks, it has been said a few times that the whistleblowers hate law enforcement.  We don't.  We never have.  We have seen somethings that we believe desperately needs to be changed.  We saw things in Morgan County that needed to be addressed.  Each rock that was overturned turned up another issue.

Once we saw how egregious the inmate food funds were being abused we brought it to the forefront.  We later found out that a majority of the sheriffs in Alabama had taken inmate food funds.  Some of those sheriffs took money for years.  It is not right nor do we believe it to be legal.  It certainly wasn't legal in Morgan County.  We can't help but wonder why sheriffs can't live on their salary.  We everyday citizens must live within our means.  We do not have 10, 15, or 20 separate accounts to play with.  We struggle with life, we struggle in our small business ventures, we take out loans that are absolutely scary.  We worry daily about our struggles. 

We have no problem sleeping at night because we are not stealing food money set aside to feed those who are jailed.  We believe what has happened for years is stealing.  If you believe the practice is legal then call it legal stealing.  Either way, it is inherently wrong to take federal, state, county, and citizens money to pad your pockets while inmates go hungry.  Our feelings are not hate-related; they are civil, moral, and Christian beliefs that if you incarcerate people for illegal actions you are morally responsible for feeding them.  You are also responsible for taking care of their medical needs and ensuring the inmates, as well as the corrections officers, are in a safe stable environment.

So! What does hate have to do with it?  Just because we told the truth we have been called every name you can imagine.  We have been called liars, accused of extra material affairs, and much worse.  For what?  Telling the truth.  That's it, folks.  We told the truth.  Who's paid the price for reporting our findings.  We have. 

We in Morgan County had a few bad apples.  It is unfortunate that those bad apples started at the top and ended with a few bad deputies.  That does not mean that the men and women who serve the MCSO are bad folks.  It just meant that the bad apples needed to be replaced with people with integrity and a sense of moral duty.

It is our hope that sheriffs around the state will release the documents that reflect the amount of money they have taken from inmate food funds.  We don't see that happening.  The only hope of change for Alabama as a whole is for the legislature to take this issue up and resolve it once and for all.

It is disappointing that by all appearances many of these folks will never spend a day in jail nor will they suffer the consequences we did by reporting their bad deeds.  We made a personal choice and we saw it through.  Again.   We have gone through media embarrassment because the high chief said we were bad people.  Leon Bradley was charged with a criminal offense.

What a grand day it was when Leon Bradley had his day in court and those involved were identified for what they are.  They lied to a judge to obtain a warrant.  On that Grand Day, we won.  No matter what the outcome in the future.  We won.


  1. Yes, Whistle Blowers and all the others helping WON!! Ana is gone, she should be in jail though along with her little gang.

  2. Mike Blakely in Limestone County is probably a multi-millionaire from jail food money. He thinks he is Buford Pusser and drives like a maniac in his big bad SUV with his name all over it. He passed me one day on Hwy. 31 and he had to be doing at least 100 mph with no lights or siren on. He's Boss Hogg and double dips on tickets. I went to the Limestone County courthouse with a firefighter friend of mine because he had to pay a fine for a ticket he had already paid. The person my friend talked to in the courthouse was a smarta** and talked to my friend like my friend was a dope head trying to get out of paying a fine. Sheriff's in this state are out of hand and need to be handled with long prison sentences. It's getting to where when I vote I may as well flip a coin to decide. Either way the elected officials will most likely end up in court for being crooked as a barrel of fish hooks. Don Seigelman, Micky Hammon, Oliver Robinson, Robert J. Bentley, Greg Wren, and Terry Spicer are all just a drop in the bucket compared to the others that should be kicked out of office and put in prison.

    1. Don Siegelman* My bad. My blood pressure rises when discussing these crooks.