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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Guess who

Folks, guess who blabbed that she was not going to put any of her property in her name for "them" to get?  You guessed it.  None other than Ana.  Her big fancy truck and a horse trailer are not in her name unless she recently changed it.  Our sources tell us the truck and trailer is in the name of a contractor who works in the jail store.  This is not the horse trailer from Performance Auto Sales and part of the bankruptcy.  The 1.5 million dollar questions are where did the money come from to purchase the items?

Ana certainly doesn't want anything in her name and for very good reasons.  The only problem with that is if we know the authorities know. 

Very interesting but dumb.


  1. Get a copy of Ana’s divorce decree from her husband. This is the real Ana Franklin.

  2. That's some funny shit. Perfect song.

  3. I laughed waaaay to hard at this, especially with the song. You are not wrong!

  4. Ana is into power, prestige, and luxury. She has had the whistleblowers investigates for all kinds of alleged threats. Who has protected the whistleblowers from Ana?