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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Good News Folks


  1. "Captain" Livingston is no longer captain, he is now a jailer. He really fell from the ladder, a snake in the grass, but still a POS. Good move Sheriff Puckett.

  2. The best move would have been to fire him but money lovin’ Livingston would have probably filed an age discrimination suit, so if that is Puckett’s thinking smart move. But I’m only guessing but Livingston does not deserve to be wearing a badge anywhere

    1. You are so right about Livingston should not be wearing a badge. The only thing he knows how to do, is to partake in the cash rodeo funds with Ana and few more. He's really good at that and has fattened those pockets. Crook.

  3. Just like what was stated in the decatur daily, and it is absolutely true that the blog or blogger did not bring these people down it was the information made public in the blog. GENE MITCHELL did and still blames those he thinks are involved with the whistleblower, he doesn't see all the damaging information made public that he tried to conceal from the public and did so for many years. May be more to come on clean Gene Mitchell, like where did he get or how did he have money to loan to the county commission and was this legal?