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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Eight Years of Disgrace. Let's end it now!

Folks, we are not claiming that the past 8 years have been easy but we survived. It is amazing that sheriff has proved to be one of the most corrupt sheriffs in the state and she is still walking around. If the DA's case goes forward we believe that a lot more will be revealed that has been held secret. We have a contact that told us that a minimum of 10,000 dollars a week was being moved out of the jail store account. The contact was in a position to know. Until someone is allowed to take an in-depth look at the sheriff's office accounts to assess the amount taken, the citizens will never know how much of our taxpayer dollars went to personally support the sheriff and her corrupt goons and Gomers.

It is a disgrace to our county as well as Alabama sheriffs as a whole that they have wasted taxpayer dollars, state, county, municipalities, and federal funds. Most of us do not have a clue how much money our county and many other counties around the state get to feed inmates. If the inmate food funds and the jail store accounts are vulnerable, what measures are in place to protect 15+ additional accounts managed by the sheriff/sheriffs around the state? The DA has made steps to get to the bottom of the sheriffs conduct in some of these matters. We hope his office succeeds.

We will never understand how elected officials and employees can go days and months without ever showing up for work. This is another waste of taxpayer dollars, a shortfall in usable resources for the sheriffs' office employees, and should be deemed as fraudulent for those who sign off on the timesheets.

We here in MC have put up with a lot in the past eight years not to mention the SO employees themselves. Who cares? We do. We must take ownership of our county and municipalities, and demand that our elected officials do what they are elected to do. Moving forward we have a great new beginning. It will take time to address all the issues incurred over the past eight years with training, education, beefing up the roving deputies, equipment, and other resources needed to have a viable SO. We elected the right person to tackle the mission facing the sheriff-elect Ron Puckett. Should Ana and any of her goons and goonlettes end up in the MC jail they can feel assured they will not be eating rotten, frozen, or moldy food products.

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