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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Arthur Orr's Newest Effort To Reform Jail Food Funding

BLOGGER COMMENTS:  Once again State Senator Arthur Orr will seek to amend an arcane and despicable law that allows sheriffs to pocket "leftover" money from feeding inmates.  This time may be the charm.   Morgan County solved the problem by overwhelmingly approving an amendment this fall.  The negative publicity from Morgan and Etowah counties and from the 47 county sheriffs who refused to provide food funding records may have turned the tide of public opinion.   As Orr put it:   I think the mood is to change what we have and settle it once and for all," he said.

Here's the link:

No point in adding blogger comments.  You know what we think about it.  Good luck, Senator Orr.

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  1. I think this is great, they just need to remember one size doesn't fit all. Sheriff's salary should be considered with number of inmates and current amount of profit. A jail holding 400 inmates and federal inmates is going to bring in a whole lot more money than a jail with 100 that doesn't house federal inmates, the smaller can not pay the sheriff what the one with 400 can pay. Tie it to probate judge or $5,000.00 which ever is greatest.