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Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Each time the blogger reads events that are occurring and the issues that Sheriff Ana Franklin is facing in the future you can't help but wonder why?   Not why for Sheriff Ana Franklin that answer is simple.  Greed.  Why did a bunch of men and women follow Ana around as if she was a queen bee, a queen, a rodeo queen?  Sure you can see it at first a new sheriff in town, a woman, a woman who loves rodeos and horses.

We are sure it was easy to get caught up in the trap but at some point, you had to start asking questions.  Where is the money coming from for all of this stuff, should we be spending sheriff's office money, should we be spending inmate food money, what about the jail store money?  None of these cowards asked questions.  They enjoyed the free trips, the luxury, the gifts, all the little crumbs that were thrown their way.

How you like it now men and women?  Do you wonder if any of the poop will roll back on you?  We darn sure hope it will.  None of you should slide.  You knew what you were doing and knew it was wrong.  How in the heck do you sleep at night?  Do you think anything about the co-workers you screwed, the inmates who probably went hungry?  Did you think about the families of co-workers that you blackballed?  Of course, you didn't.  The fun, games, and excitement of running around with a white female sheriff were way too exciting.  Yes! I said white because it appears that the people of color who work(ed) for the SO got the brunt of your misdeeds.

You looked under every rock to try and find a conviction that would stick to Leon Bradley and Lockhart.  You were so desperate yet the trap you laid so cleverly slapped your sorry butts in the face.  You acted like the Keystone Cops chasing after nothing but pups.  Your incompetence and blind desperate conduct is a disgrace to law enforcement everywhere; your law enforcement skills aren't even enough to land you a job as dog catchers.

All of you were chasing was a pup.  Run Leon Run...  Run Glenda Run...

So! What's next?  We don't know but we sure hope it ain't over.

Fighting the FBI on the Sheriff's Office Steps.  What a waste of breath.

Ana writing checks here and there to lawyers everywhere.  Can't stop banging her head against a wall.


  1. All those Ana called self righteous people, who stood despite the false accusations of all kinds, were able to stand and prove their side. Now with truth exposed and Ana and her gang all but defeated, what will be done to fix all that Ana and gang unlawfully and willfully destroyed? Will their willful destruction of those who stood in their way be made right. Will those who suffered under false pretenses but stayed the path be made whole? Will there be a means to fix all that has been destroyed? Wonder if Ana and gang were to apologize and try to make right the wrongs if they would be forgiven. I bet the answer to that is absolutely yes! Happy New Year everyone. As the rest of the story unfolds realize Ana and gang are gone. Truth prevails and it’s time for forgiveness and to move on without grudges. It’s time to be known for our actions and held accountable. It’s time to seek and insure justice. To all those who have stood in this fight, victory has been very slow but finally it is here. What is right and true is coming out and the criminals are running scared. Those who remaine are to ashamed to even show their faces at the Sheriffs Office. Justice is slow but it does indeed come to pass. Steven Ziaja and Greg Steenson are the only two to see jail so far but the rest will happen in due time. So very sad! It’s not easy doing the right thing but some despite almost impossible odds stood and did do what was right to bring justice. Many have testified some have worked hard to expose. Some have provided information, some have worked to uncover information. All did their parts and roles to uncover and expose and some did their part to hold accountable. Many came together for justice with cost for their actions. Some the cost is high some not so much. As this all comes out some can always say they were on the right side of this. Almost over and almost time to move beyond into a much brighter future as we forgive those who trespass against us. Justice is coming. I remember so clearly Scott Anderson told those who would seek to do harm or victimize others that he would hold them accountable. He with many others are doing just that. Keep up the good work and make our county great again with an amazing new Sheriff about to take the helm. Good things do come to those who wait.

  2. Ana getting all the medical she can before she is out. No worries for her, her medical will continue to be paid by taxpayers while she is in lockup.

  3. Must be nice to have medical

  4. My family owns the property in Saraland, photographed and posted on this blog and represented to belong to Ana Franklin!

    This property has been in my family for almost 80 years! I have written the blogger and asked that she remove the photographs and publish a statement that she misled you followers. she has done nothing to correct the information! I do not know anyone on either side of this mess and have no idea how they targetted our place in Saraland.

    How can you believe anything published by people who charter a plane and publish 550 photos of a persons private property then claim it belongs to a sherriff at the other end of the state? please! This is craziness!!!!