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Friday, December 21, 2018

What's next

Folks, we have no clue what if anything else may await Sheriff Ana Franklin from outside agencies.  The bottom line is she is out of office.  Let's reverse where we are now.  What if Sheriff Franklin ran for sheriff again in the primary election and won?  We would be facing four more years of cronyism, thiefthems at work following the sheriff around like sick puppies, doing every bidding with no thought or concept of right versus wrong.  What if the initial plan had worked and the good judges had been run out of office and the only thing we had to look forward to is the likes of Howell and Elliot along with Ana and her Exboyfriend.  What a mess our county would be in today.

We still have a long road ahead of us.  We got rid of the bad apples in the SO yet now we have an incompetent judge that was fired from the DA's office.  Now she is a judge.  We have been in a courtroom when she rendered a verdict that was a major impact for one family and a tragedy for another.  In a room that should have been somber and professional, she acted like a school girl acting up.  Well! You can't win them all but you can be thankful for the verdict against Sheriff Ana Franklin.  We have a lot to look forward to in the coming New Year.

Granted, Sheriff Franklin is dancing with glee because she got what some call a slap on the wrist.  Ask yourself would you rather be in your shoes or Sheriff Franklin's shoes?  The whistleblower who wears a size three in kid shoes is happy in her own shoes.  Time will tell if the sheriff faces any more charges. The same with her sidekicks.

It is a sad day for law enforcement that they had some bad apples in the apple cart that may or may not be punished.  On another note, they are gone.  No longer can they be an embarrassment to the citizens of the county or a menace to our society.  No longer can they take special needs money for their own selfish needs.   No longer can they destroy lives,   We need to look to the future.  Life will take care of those who have lived and conducted themselves the way Ana and her thiefthems have.

We will never understand why grown men and women followed a corrupt leader into the rabbit hole.  How does a man or a woman with a family to care for follow a corrupt leader and become a part of corruption?  The simple answer is that they were as corrupt as the sheriff is or they would have walked away from trouble.

All being said we do not hate Ana and her thiertems, instead, we feel sorry for them.  We feel sorry for their families that they have disgraced and humiliated.  We feel sorry for the SO employees that have been drug through hell, we feel sorry for the inmates and their families.  We don't hate you.  It takes too much energy to hate you for what you have done to us.

Do we feel like the punishment so far has been enough for all your dirty works?  Hell no.  That is out of our control so we have chosen to accept whatever punishment the courts' order.  They're not worth hatred.  Hate affects us and does nothing to them.


  1. Yes. You're absolutely right.

  2. Just saw the Morgan County DA is seeing Ana for the jail food money.