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Monday, December 24, 2018

We are looking for a positive start for the New Year

Blogger Comments:  Folks, we have come a long way with the Inmate Food Fund issues with Sheriffs taking way more than their fair share of leftover food money.  We believe that most people to include the legislators, Alabama Sheriff's Associations, Governor Kay Ivey, and the citizens of Alabama are sick and tired of sheriffs such as Sheriff Ana Franklin, Sheriff Entrikin. and of course, Gene Mitchell taking the inmate food funds.  They have made a mockery of our State.  

We would like to thank Arthur Orr, Kay Ivey, Robert Timmons and all the other lawmakers ready to change the antiquated law that allows sheriffs to take money that does not belong to them.  Personally, the whistleblower feels that the laws were clear along with the Attorney General Opinions but apparently, some sheriffs do not understand the difference between what's right and what's wrong.  Congratulations go out to ASA Mr. Timmons for doing his part to help change the laws.  Thank you, Sheriff Ana Franklin, Sheriff Entrikin, and of course Sheriff Gene Mitchell for helping move things along.  Did you notice all three will be EX-sheriffs in about three weeks?   Think there's a connection?

Alabama lawmaker to sponsor legislation to stop sheriffs from keeping jail food money


  1. Karma is rough Sheriff Harvey Eugene Mitchell. Gene is making a killing off that jail, if you open the door you going to have to pay something, not sure what the tax dollars are being used for. Gene better be glad he got beat and humiliated so bad by Mr. Sanders. I hear ole lying gene is a sore looser. Had Tim arrested, firing folks for no reason and will not even talk to the new sheriff. Gene is showing them true colors now.

  2. Thanks gene for taking all that left over jail food money off the inmates, your greed has led to us getting a new sheriff and this OLD 1930's law being repealed just like old gene was repealed. Karma, karma, karma. How does it feel Gene, should have thought about that before screwing over so many people, still screwing over people, no humility. All those years all over the state and came home to be exposed and destroyed.