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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Badge

Momma Ana is still doing everything in our power to ensure that we get what she deserves.  That's right we believe that Sheriff Ana Franklin is doing everything within her power to ensure "we get what she deserves".

We have no smoking guns, nobody to hide behind, no badges, yet we still do not act big and brave in public and as cowards when the sun goes down.

We are sick and tired of Sheriff Ana Franklin trying to get investigations going against us claiming that we are trying to hurt her.  We do not want the sheriff hurt in any way we think she deserves to be in jail.


  1. Ana doesn’t care who she hurts to save her sorry butt. Not Bones, Blake, Powell, Dee Ann, or Berzett. It’s all about Ana. By the way. Ana is a coward.

  2. She is a coward much like Livingston is a coward and an even bigger idiot for believing his crooked criminal useless self who has not arrested anyone in 40 years, won’t be gone also. Why has he not packed up his office like his brother Berzett? Maybe he is to old and senile to realize he is about to without a job. He may not remember the law well enough to know he is a criminal. He will be Ana’s excuse for all the missing assets, Livingston forgot where it all is.