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Monday, December 31, 2018

Strange Times

Folks, we are concerned about the money Alabama Sheriffs have taken from the inmate food funds both Federal and State.  We have read the comments on from some of the readers.  Most folks do not agree with what is happening but it will not stop until the state starts punishing the criminals who call themselves sheriff.  The money is way too easy to take.  Another concern, at least in the case of Sheriff Ana Franklin, is that she has been charged with taking money for another account and placing it in the inmate food funds.  We believe it.  We have heard for quite some time that Franklin had been taking money from the jail store account and from the posse account.  Our question is what stops Sheriff Franklin or any of the other sheriffs from taking money from other pots of money such as the pistol permit funds, the federal inmate accounts, and all the other accounts.  Apparently, nothing can stop the unscrupulous acts of some of the sheriffs in Alabama.  Apparently, 49 sheriffs have refused to turn over their records.  That is more than half the sheriffs in Alabama.

Unless the state starts making examples of Alabama Sheriffs that prove to be corrupt, abuse of power, ethics violations, and other such acts, the sheriffs will continue operating the way they do.  Because they seem to think they are above the law and have been treated in years past as if they are above the law.

Alabama is a beautiful state and most of our elected officials ran for the right reason.  They are true civil servants.  It only takes about 49 sheriffs to make the state look bad.  These sheriffs refuse to turn over documents that are clearly public domain, open source, unclassified, non-sensitive or whatever you choose to call them.  The Alabama law is clear on which documents within the sheriff's office are open source.  The inmate food fund records, as well as all other funds, are open source.  That does not include the posse funds of course.

From every thing we hear we now have a State Attorney General and a Governor who are serious about cleaning up the mess left by past legislatures too lazy or too uncaring or too afraid of their sheriffs and the power that they hold.  Good luck to them. 


  1. Can you imagine the amount of funds she has taken in 8 years based on the amount of money she's taken for lawyer fees, etc. Here recently?!?!

    She blatenly defied the law, the courts, and now a couple of judges.

    She thinks it's cute to get slammed with a court order regarding $160,000 inmate food funds. In order to keep from going to jail, she "paid" it back. Now we find out several months later that she did not pay it back while laughing in everyone's face states she's leaving office with it.

    She can not use the excuse "I didn't know." Remember this was her defense. She has consistently manipulated every issue we've had with her. Manipulation is contradictory to "not knowing" something.

    I realize this has been vocalized several times. Access to these different accounts is obviously a breeding ground for corruption. But not only that, do you all recognize the fact that so far, none of these withdrawals have been for anyone or anything else other than ANA FRANKLIN! Not the MCSO, not the deputies, not for training, not for equipment, etc..

    Couple years ago when Whistleblowers posted the checks she wrote off of the inmate food fund, she told the Decatur Daily it was her retirement. But didn't dare say that to a federal judge and even promptly handed it back (but not really) Now, here we are again after she kept the's her retirement. Cough cough, I mean Mr. Grays retirement.

  2. Ran into some of the Good group left of the Honest deputies that stood strong and protected Morgan County while the criminal thugs didn't care. Good Job Guys

  3. Ana still Chaplin for National Sheriffs Association?

  4. My family owns the property in Saraland, photographed and posted on this blog and represented to belong to Ana Franklin!

    This property has been in my family for almost 80 years! I have written the blogger and asked that she remove the photographs and publish a statement that she misled you followers. she has done nothing to correct the information! I do not know anyone on either side of this mess and have no idea how they targetted our place in Saraland.

    How can you believe anything published by people who charter a plane and publish 550 photos of a persons private property then claim it belongs to a sherriff at the other end of the state? please! This is craziness!!!!

    1. Why should the blogger remove it? Did you send proof of ownership during the time the pictures were taken?