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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sheriff Elect Ron Puckett

Folks, we hear that Ron Puckett is ready to hit the ground running on the day he is sworn in.  We encourage all of our readers to get in line and support Morgan Counties Top Cop.  Puckett is going to need all the help he can get from the employees that have been brave enough to stick it out.  There are some really good folks left in the SO to help soften the blow. There are a lot of folks that Ana couldn't break.  That's good.  Others had no choice but to leave. 

Now it is time the county looks forward to our new sheriff.  We will continue to blog on current events involving Sheriff Franklin and the others but in the scheme of things they can do no harm to the employees, citizens, inmates, or others at this point.  You may ask as Hillary did "at this point what does it matter".  Folks, it matters a lot.  We would love to see justice played out on this earth but there are no guarantees.  Our justice may just be that Sheriff Ana Franklin is no longer our top cop.  Why she or others sent Private Investigator Dawn Dixon down to Georgia is a disgrace, unethical, and unconscionable.  In our opinion.  Why would you try and talk someone into changing their statement?  It is an uncomforting thought that people do those kinds of things to a witness but it is really no different than those who watched the FBI office to see who was going across the river. 

One day at a time, wait and see what happens next, and look at each day as a new challenge and not as a disappointment.  We realize that the next few months and years are going to be as difficult as the past few years but for different purposes.  We will continue our positive hopes that our county will be restored to a better place to live, new jobs and growth comes to our county, and citizens return and or choose to move to our county. 

Keep your head held high.  Look forward to the future and find an adventure in each day.  We are...


  1. Lots of work bringing integrity morality courage honor and commitment back to a Sheriffs Office where Ana did her best to remove those who would stand or bribe those who she could change. Ana has lost at every turn it now seems. To bad all this did not happen more quickly. Ron Puckett has his work cut out for him but at least most of the problem thugs have resigned. A few more arrogant suck ups in the jail and a misinformed man who acts like a Captain getting gone one way or another and rebuilding won’t be so hard. Challenging times ahead but time for real change is here.
    Sad how some think they can resign and walk away and think there will be no consequences. They were stupid enough to do Ana’s dirty work afterall. Truth will come out about much more than what is on this blog. Sex drugs money gambling and more. It’s all there. It’s also all but gone already as everyone crawls away. Can we have Ana sing the jailhouse blues to mark the end? It ain’t over till the _____ _____ sings! So many ways to fill in these blanks about Ana and it would still be true. Ana ruined so many but she also weeded out those who would not do the right thing and would follow her into criminal actions. The Sheriffs Office Again has a chance. Glenda Lockhart and many others who helped her and everyone involved in this should stand tall and be congratulated on their individual efforts to collectively remove the corruption and a habitual liar from the office of the Sheriff. Justice is very slow sometimes. Now we move forward.

  2. Ron needs to get rid of the dead wood or it will come back to bite him.

  3. Since this private investigator crossed state lines the fbi needs to investigate her for possible witness tampering.

  4. Alot of deaths that need to be investigated, especially the young folks that supposedly committed suicide. No state called in on several media! And some never even got to id.there next of kin ,before putting them to rest .wonder why ????????????? Need to look at phone records for that day and maybe some folks that haven't been mentioned would have there PERSONAL cell number .Where they threatened the person who ended up dead .Well I have a copy if any one is interested .and alot more .