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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sheriff Ana raked in another misdemeanor

Blogger Comments:  Folks, I can hear you crying already.  Look! It's like this.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has racked up two misdemeanors already.  Each time she has claimed victory.  Folks, it is not a victory when you rack up misdemeanors as a law enforcement officer.  I am not the least bit disappointed and neither should you be.  Sheriff Ana Franklin, like the rest of us, must pay for our actions, so far as the feds are concerned she is paying for actions that they are involved in.  The sheriff may never see the walls of prison however her criminal acts will follow her for the rest of her life.  Her boyfriend Charlie McNichol, like Franklin, has racked up some actions as well.  They didn't win.  So stop crying over spilled milk.

Let the Sheriff have her victory dance.  She claimed she won when she was charged with contempt of court.  She will claim victory over being charged with failing to file federal taxes on money she took.  That does not make a win.  She has humiliated her self by taking the inmate food funds, lying about where she got the money to invest, and much more.  Let her have her victory dance.  Let her believe she won.  Who does it hurt?  Not me...   

Excerpts from the Decatur Daily Below:

Ana Franklin

John Godbey/Decatur Daily

Sheriff's plea deal may end federal investigation

      • Referring to the document as a “comfort letter,” Gray said it likely ends the threat of future federal prosecution, but does not affect any ongoing investigations into Franklin’s conduct by state authorities.



  1. According to the U S attorney she has won. She plead they are now finished with her. No more criminal business from the federal government. Hell shes having a party. All of this “ it’s fixing to happen “ on the blog being said over and over guess what? It’s not she’s a free bird ! Corruption unfortunately wins in the great corruption county named Morgan.

  2. Misdemeanors are a slap on the wrist when you've committed felonies, especially when you're an officer of the law who supposedly knows it. The justice system did not prevail. It's probably the ole pay to play. I've seen criminals go for a lot less to prison. They wonder why the public is concerned over justice. Everything isn't ok because Ana is leaving and Ron's coming in. That's where the focus is. This seems more of a "Beware" ad then anything. It's a don't say a word if you catch the sheriff playing sex games, money laundering, stealing money, cheating taxes kinda thing. It is a "do what I say, not as I do" kinda thing. I get it...nothing changed. Shame that all this work is in vain folks.

  3. Finished with her? LOL The state will come through. It's just getting started.

    1. Pipe dream unfortunately she walks and probably god help us will run again.

  4. What is up with little short lying Gene Mitchell and Tim Mcwhorter in lawrence county? Gene extracting a little vengeance before he rides off into the sunset to Russellville. Gene don't you think that is over kill with the 51 charges? Little short lying Eugene is a snake in the grass if there ever was one. Go back to Russellville Harvey Eugene!

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