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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Ponzi Scheme I Say

Blogger Comments:  Folks, we can't help it if you think this is another one of those stories the whistleblowers were lying about.  No matter what your opinion may be of the whistleblowers, this story is a dang good read and it completely validates what we have been saying all along.  We do not believe that Sheriff Ana Franklin lost a dime.  We also believe that the money that was placed in the inmate food fund did not go into the same fund and/or bank that it came out of.

The Decatur Daily and Trustee Maples summed it up Superbly.  

Excerpts from the Decatur Daily in regards to Maples statement is pretty clear so far as we are concerned.  Being down there with the owners says it all to us.

"Maples said the only persons harmed in the event Franklin recoups any of the $150,000 pursuant to the settlement are owners of Priceville Partners — in his view, the perpetrators of a Ponzi scheme — and he’s not worried about that.

“She would get paid ahead of the owners, but the owners don’t have clean hands, either,” he said.
Three people had ownership interests in Priceville Partners: Harold Jeffreys, his son Ben Jeffreys and Steenson. Maples has filed claims against all three."

Trustee calls Priceville Partners 'a Ponzi scheme' as sheriff settles

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