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Saturday, December 22, 2018

It's Anybody's Guess

Folks, it's anybody's guess what excuse Sheriff Ana Franklin will use to keep from showing up for court next week.  Will she say she is stranded out of town and can't get to the hearing?  Will she claim illness?  Will she claim she is attending a friends funeral?  During the Doug Key hearing, she used every excuse under the sun.  She claimed a friend or family member died and she was attending the funeral.

Where was Ana?  She was at the rodeos in Oklahoma having a grand ole time.  Lying to Federal Judges, Circuit Court Judges, or any other judge means nothing to Teflon Ana.  She has gotten away with her conduct for eight years.  One more lie to a judge will not phase her at all.

We are well pleased with the outcome of the latest court proceedings and nothing would make us happier than the Sheriff having to pay back the money from the inmate food funds and the jail store account.

All the lies we alleged told on poor ole Ana don't seem to be lies after all.  The sheriff could have avoided all of this by just coming clean.  She could have told the truth.  We hope that all of these law enforcement investigations don't stop with Ana.  You know what they say, poop rules uphill to the TOP COP and then it also rolls down to the ones who backed her, helped her, lied for her, and those who committed crimes for her.

Nope Ana, we still don't hate you and you can't make us.  You sure have put a lot of people, employees past and present, and families through hell.  Apologies go a long way.  You have to be able to admit you're wrong to make apologies.  Nope! Ain't gonna happen.

No more excuses Ana.


  1. Yep she destroyed key as well as several others who told truth

  2. It's nice to see her getting what she deserves because many ppl lost a lot for paying attention and seeing her being a thief. And not believing her and her top dog (pun intended) Bones lies. They worked 2x as hard on making ppl believe lies and ppl saw right through the b.s. especially with him working all that overtime at the LCounty Hatton ball games watching kids while he claims to be working. Staying nights in the sheriff's house in her bed as her body guard that makes me lol(RIP Whitney lol).Pretty easy to afford many things if you are padding your time sheet with 20+hours of overtime each pay period. 100+k in overtime pay in a year. With her approval because of her extra benefits her was giving her on the side. The Lies lies lies, proven in court as a liar priceless. When will you ever be believed in court again? NEVER. So your career is over hopefully n with food reason. You'd rather lie in court than work. Truth