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Sunday, December 9, 2018


Folks, we have read a lot of comments on the blog lately.  I think we all agree that Ana and her goons have tried to intimidate many of us.  The truth be told we can only be intimidated if we allow our selves to be.  We can only fear if we allow our selves to fear those who try to make us fear.  Through the years we have heard those of our loved ones say please don't do this.  They will hurt me, they will make me pay, I have been set up, and many more complaints from those who feared the Great One.  The Great One being Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Corrections officers, clerks, and deputies who walked on eggshells to ensure they did not fall into a trap that could cause them to lose their jobs.

At no point in life should you say yes when the answer is no?  At no point in life when asked to resign or be fired should you accept resigning.  Especially, when you did nothing wrong.  Going back over the years when we first caught on to Ana's hiring practices we found out that she hired the daddy of one of her daughter's babies.  Ana automatically assumed it was one of the corrections officers who ratted her out.  In truth, it wasn't.  Ana's common law son in law had his issues.  It was unfortunate that about the time we started gearing up Ana's common law son in law did too.  Awh! his gearing up was far different than ours.  His was criminal activity while ours was watching Ana try and hide the things she was doing.

Ana tried to hide a lot of stuff going on at the SO, unfortunately for her, people were beginning to take notice and by 2014 and beyond the information was pouring in.  The straw that broke the camels back was the Performance Auto Sales.  Though there were far more sinister things going on during that time frame such as the rodeo and feeding the inmates,  nobody noticed because Ana was the queen of the rodeos, the county's sweetheart, and everybody believed that Ana was good.  Giving to the poor, the needy, the special needs, and more.  Our opinion then and now is that Ana considered herself, her family, and her friends the "needy".

How sad is that?  How sad is it that you run a posse for the special needs but the special needs don't get what they need.   How sad is it that thousands of dollars are lying in your truck that was designated for special needs that probably never got to the bank.  How do you do that?  This Christmas season we have seen so many families in need.  Many of those families are MCSO employees or prior MCSO employees.  How does a sheriff who leads a SO ignore the needs of her sheriff's office family?  For years the employees have worked for pennies on the dollar while the sheriff raked in thousands of dollars from the inmate food fund and the posse funds.  How does one live with the effects of what their actions did to others?

This year if we can all look around us to those who are less fortunate than others and bring a smile to their faces we will be rewarded with our silent work.  Try it.  It works.

Can we pray for those who falsely accuse us?  You bet we can.  We chose to tell the story at hand.  We would do it all over again.

It is easier to feel sorry or empathy for someone than it is to feel hate.  We choose to continue telling the truth on the blog with no hate and no animosity towards those who have tried to destroy us.  When you went after Warden Leon Bradley, you crossed the line.  We are used to you going after us.  The ones you claim that are "those people", Those people are well known to the law.  Those people are... Well! we are "those people".  We are the people who have loved and laughed, lost and grieved,  and still told the truth.  "Those people" as if we are dirty, uneducated, noncaring people who are below the likes of the MC Sheriff and her thugs.

As we said earlier you can only be treated a certain way if you allow yourself to go down that rabbit hole.  We have chosen the higher path as you go low we go higher.  You can only degrade us if we allow you too.


  1. This mess is beyond ridiculous

  2. It did work but now those guilty of this are packing up and getting ready to be out. Many are trying to prepare for their prison terms.

    1. Do you think Franklin will do prison time, as well she should. If it were us stealing and being corrupt, they would emprison us and throw away the key.

  3. All I can say is "Well to the other side Ana!!! Your NO different than I am now. Well I take that back we are different. You broke the law to make the law in my case. Federal law that is.....All I can say is Karma. I pray for people like you.