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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Counting Down

Folks, with about 35 days left to go before we have a new sheriff sworn in it appears that Ana and her followers are packing up and getting ready to go on to greener pastures.  We have managed to stay sane throughout the tumultuous reign of power inflicted upon us by sheriff Ana Franklin.  Even though to hear her tell it the whistleblowers tried to kill her, went into her house while she was sleeping, pulled some kind of pen from her truck, trailer, or something, and completely destroyed bones' truck.  Not only are we accused of that we are accused of destroying her reputation, her good name, and the horse she rode in on.  Well!  Hello Ana.  Oh! one more thing the whistleblower, "these people" as you call them, well known to law enforcement are also accused of putting out on the web some sort of conspiracy that Ana, VP Pence, and commissioners or someone had conspired to kill President Trump.  That is laughable.  Franklin is just disappointed she got caught with her hand in her pocket giving out notes at the Sheriff's meet and greet in Washington D.C.  Talk about a dumb thing to do in front of millions of people.  That may be Ana's defining moment.

As for us, we can't complain.  What?  A few short years out of our life.  No stress.  Shucks! It's been a breeze.  We never worried about anything.  Felt safe at home, in our vehicles, in our offices, no prank phones calls, and no threats.  Oh, wait! We were dreaming there for a minute.

Back to reality.  We can say  in all honesty that we do not hold a grudge, we do not hate those who have come up against us for telling the truth, our tools have been words, words of truth, we have made jokes, we have been tough at times especially in the beginning when we knew what was going on and could not get the word out.  The harder we worked to get the truth out the harder the so-called professional law enforcement aka Ana, Bones, Blake, and Powell came against us.  We became increasingly more determined to let the public know what was going on.  The Title Marts, the Posse, the food funds, Ana's hiring practices, nepotism, promotions, favoritism, the unfair treatment to employees, inmates, and more.

One thing we can't say enough about is that we could not have helped make this happen without the support of a large number of sheriff's office employees both past and present, Warden Leon Bradley, and many folks within our county.

We are looking forward to each step of the way.  One step at a time.  One day at a time.


  1. That's good, Ana. Convert all your property to cash. 1) You can't take that trailer, or the blue one in the corner of the picture, where you're going AND 2) cash is welcome in any country...or county. Expect all of your houses to go on the market soon. You'll need all you can get for your getaway or to pay your legal bills. Golly-gee, them lawyers is expensive.
    Now about that trailer. Isn't that the one that....oh, never mind.

    1. Ana needs some fast cash. Her cash cow at the sheriff's office will be history in about a month. She will have to foot the bill for her attorneys and legal problems then. Hey, I know, we will set up a Go Fund Me account for Ana.....when pigs fly. Pay back all the money you stole from the sheriff's office accts, rodeo, posse, drug moneys, etc, etc. Crook.

  2. Sell Saraland, Grey can take that to the bank but still won’t keep you from loosing every court battle you are about to face! Civil and criminal Ana and her thugs are about to be exposed publicly. No alternatives available for them. Running like roaches won’t help. They are getting exposed big time. Game over Ana. You and your thugs loose despite all your lies. Truth and justice prevails and everyone will see it. Ana and thugs will know how hard it is to eat jail food and try to sleep soundly in jail. Consequences will not be good. They will likely last longer than the amount of time it took to expose the small part people have already been able to see.