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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Circuit Court - Sheriff Ana Franklin

Blogger Comments:  Folks, in case you haven't been able to read the case behind the lawsuit against Sheriff Ana Fraklin the MC DA Scott Anderson filed against Sheriff Ana Franklin we encourage you to read it.


  1. God Bless Glenda Lockhart and the rest of the Whistleblower's.
    Ana lost...Glenda clearly WON.
    Everbody knows it!
    Ana is an embarrassment to Morgan County and her daughter's.
    The whole Country knows what kind of PIG (wanna be Boss Hog) she is now.
    I believe Ron Pucket is on the fast track to make Morgan County great again!
    Myself and the rest of us Citizens cant wait!
    Thank you Glenda!!

  2. What kind of Sheriff pleads the 5th?
    How many times as the little fat girl plead it?
    I lost track, can somebody please remind me.

  3. "I WAS GOING TO BRING THAT MONEY WITH ME...IT WAS MY RETIREMENT" I have a good many employees did you screw over whom have zero retirement due to you surrounding yourself with criminal thugs

  4. My family owns the property in Saraland, photographed and posted on this blog and represented to belong to Ana Franklin!

    This property has been in my family for almost 80 years! I have written the blogger and asked that she remove the photographs and publish a statement that she misled you followers. she has done nothing to correct the information! I do not know anyone on either side of this mess and have no idea how they targetted our place in Saraland.

    How can you believe anything published by people who charter a plane and publish 550 photos of a persons private property then claim it belongs to a sherriff at the other end of the state? please! This is craziness!!!!