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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Bankruptcy Proceedings and Sheriff Ana Franklin

Folks, it appears that Sheriff Ana has been ordered by the Bankruptcy Courts to pay back $34,000.00 w/no admission of wrongdoing.  A portion of the funds some $14,000.00 to be paid up front and $20,000.00 to be paid within 90 days.  In addition, it also appears that the court approved the $150,000.00 but the funds shall be subordinated to all unsecured claims in the original bankruptcy case.  We believe our read is factually correct but that is only our take.

That may mean get in line and wait.  Or, it may mean Ziaja is going to get his money back.  Most likely it means to get in line and wait.


  1. No admission of wrong doing but even the Bankruptcy court calls the Priceville Partners aka Title Marts a Ponzie Scheme. Seems the Whistleblowers called it a Ponzie Scheme a long time ago. Years ago in fact. Our Sheriff sworn to protect is stealing inmate food funds and other funds from the Sheriffs Office to invest in an illegal Ponzie Scheme and pays no taxes on anything. Sometimes people have to make a lot of noise to be heard when it comes to truth and justice. Especially when people are as fooled as they are about people like Ana Franklin. They saw a self proclaimed rodeo queen when in fact she was the biggest criminal this county has seen. She would do her best to destroy anyone who stood in her way. How can Ana or those crooked Deputies even show their faces. Hopefully they realize that after they are all held accountable for their actions they will realize how wrong they really are. How sad they hide behind the badges they once had. Who all made a stand to rid the county of this corruption? It was many more than those identified as the Whistleblowers. As this continues and courts and officials realize the truth it is more apparent than ever the Whistleblowers and those who helped them did the right thing. Now a real professional morally and ethically sound man is coming to take over an embattled Sheriffs Office that defeated some of the worst corruption imaginable.

  2. Has Ana been in any of the Christmas parades this year?

  3. If it ain't a moneymaker she ain't interested