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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ashley Remkus thank you for the fantastic article

Blogger Comments:  Reading the comments all 72 of them, it is clear that some folks think it's no big deal that Sheriff Ana Franklin was charged by the IRS.  Have you no respect?  It is frustrating that there are those that think it is OK to cheat the IRS.  What makes it worse is that Sheriff Ana Franklin claims to have an almost BS degree.  She is a public official and she should know better.  Not to mention that she lied like a rug before admitting that she took the money from the inmate food funds.  We are not convinced that the $160,000.00 will ever be returned to the account she took the money out of.

Alabama sheriff agrees to plead guilty to federal tax charge

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  1. Great Article Ashley. This story might keep you very busy in the near future!!