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Monday, December 24, 2018

Arrogant Sheriff Ana Franklin

Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Ana Franklin has got to be the most arrogant person the whistleblowers have ever met.  We've been following Ana's antics for several years now and it simply boggles the mind to attempt to understand her behavior.  Time after time she will lie, get caught, awarded a Pinnochio and go on as if nothing has happened.  And if she acknowledges it all, it is to deny that it happened.   The same with, jail money.  First denial (It didn't happen), then an obfuscation (it was was a mistake--somebody else's), then admission to a lesser charge. but all the while proclaiming her innocence and that she is being persecuted.  You know, I think she believes her own lies, otherwise, how could she continue to act in a manner that could only be described as erratic.  

Lawyer: Franklin used surplus jail-food money to pay legal fees

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  • District Attorney Scott Anderson speaks at the Morgan County Courthouse on Friday during a news conference on the lawsuit he filed against Sheriff Ana Franklin over jail food money. [DAN BUSEY/DECATUR DAILY]


  1. A dedicated Trumpster Dumpster.


  2. Wonder if her tax returns matched economic interest forms she filed ?

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  4. They say she gave him hell in divorce case.