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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Anonymous Said

Blogger Comments:  Folks, we do not know if Sheriff Ana Franklin will ever go to jail for the things that have been proven that she did.  On the other hand, she probably feels as if she is already in her on little jail hell.   These past few years of disclosure, the embarrassment, disgrace, dishonor, and all the other things normal people feel is bad enough without physical jail time.

A lot of white-collar crime criminals seem to get far less time than the average citizen does.  The fact that sheriff Franklin is a woman, Republican, and white all goes in her favor.  That is just the whistleblower's opinion.

Sheriff Ana Franklin is probably hoping that if she goes to prison it will be Federal.  If the new prison reform law is past and could possibly receive a pardon.  Lord knows she has tried to pass notes to the President and did pass a note to the VP.  Franklin is like The Little Engine That Could.  I think I can.  I think I can.  Time will tell what the outcome will be for those who chose to commit illegal acts while working at the sheriff's office.  We do not believe that the sheriff and her band of thieves will ever admit that they have done something very very bad to the SO, the citizens of Morgan County, the inmates, and the state as a whole.

We have to admit it appears that the sheriff has gotten herself into a tangled mess.

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