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Friday, December 21, 2018

Ana Is sued AGAIN

Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson announced today that he is bringing a civil action against Sheriff Ana Franklin in her official and personal capacity.  There are two purposes to the suit:  1) preserve the money used to feed inmates and 2) recoup any funds that may have been misspent.

Normally a district attorney is limited to criminal issues.   However, a little-used section of the code (6-5-4) allows a DA to initiate a civil action but the DA must first obtain the approval of the governor.  Anderson said that he received a letter from Governor Ivy this week approving the suit.

Judge Thompson has issued a temporary restraining order freezing the funds, thought to be approximately $50,000, in Traditions.

Here's the link to the Daily article by Eric Fleishhauer
The Morgan County district attorney today filed a civil lawsuit against Sheriff Ana Franklin seeking to recover money she has used personally, and that the DA says she was required to hold in trust for the feeding of jail inmates. 
Filed in Morgan County Circuit Court, District Attorney Scott Anderson's lawsuit seeks to recover money wrongfully kept by Franklin as personal income and also to freeze $55,000 in a Traditions Bank account held by Franklin personally. 
(Continued at the link)
And here is Ashley Remkus at
A bit more detail.  Fascinating reading.
Hearing is Friday, 28 December, in Decatur.  Reservations not required.


  1. According to the lawsuit, Ana further violated the federal court decree before she was released from it. She also mislead the court when she deposited the miemo in the Traditions account. I'm sure the federal judge will be happy to hear this. Next hearing Dec 28 at 9am The Honorable Judge Glenn Thompson presiding.

  2. Pot meet kettle:

  3. Couple of weeks ago, one of us wondered how, if there was always a shortage in the food funds, where did the money that she stole come from. Now we know. The jail fund always runs a surplus from overpriced junk food. She transferred from jail fund to food fund creating a surplus there to which, she claimed, she was entitled to. And in SEVEN years, no auditor or book keeper caught that? HMMM.

  4. I don't understand how a federal judge did not require Ana to put that money back in the "legit" food fund account. How is it "paid back" when it's sitting in her own personal bank account? At that, she didn't waste anytime using $105,000. I highly doubt it went to feeding inmates.

  5. Thank you Scott Anderson!!! Finally someone who will stand up to the most crooked sheriff.

    1. Besides Glenda and the whistleblowers of course.

    2. Ummm no. Scott Anderson is grandstanding. Two weeks away and she is no longer sheriff. This acton should have been done a long time ago either when she said she want seeking office or right after the June election. You can see more clearly if the smoke and mirrors are out of the way

  6. It is finally being noticed about Ana stealing from other sheriff office accounts beside the food bill. Keep digging, she has had her hands in many more of tax payer funded accounts.

  7. The Da should check the pistol permit acct in March 2011 for money used to pay the rodeo company and never was put back after the rodeo was over. It should be pretty easy to find a 10k check to Lone star rodeo. There were never any cash from the rodeo ever deposited in any account. Just credit card purchases and ad sales money. Maybe Scott Anderson can get that 10k back too. The pistol permit account already had rules prior to that check being written that has is used for specific law enforcement needs only A Rodeo is not covered in those rules. I could be wrong but so far I've been right. Check that!