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Friday, December 21, 2018

An Alternate History

An Alternate History

In January 2019, Ana Franklin is sworn in her third term as sheriff, vowing to continue the policies and practices that have been so successful in her previous two terms. Her second term was marred by some minor blips which she overcame with little or no damage to her office or to her.  For instance,

Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was asked to investigate discriminatory practices in the MCSO but nothing came of it except for a misdemeanor.  That is huge stuff folks.

The usual complaints about inmate food led to a revisit from the ‘Dixie Chicks’.  Upshot of all that was the sheriff got a tap on the wrist (not even a slap) from the judge.  No harm done.

A local car title enterprise went belly-up and the sheriff’s only involvement seemed to be that she invested $150,000 in the company.

There were a few frivolous lawsuits but, hey, that’s pretty common in county life.

The bankruptcy process got a little messy and the sheriff got pinged for getting vehicles without paying full price.  She has to repay for that and her $150,000 ‘investment’ is still out there.  This is all admin stuff.   No criminal activity here, folks, Just move along.

IRS!  Didn’t pay her 2016 taxes.   Shame.  Pleaded down to a misdemeanor.  Punishment will wait til she’s out of office.

Hardly any of this received more than local press coverage.

And by the way, Gene Mitchell was reelected too.  Also, the beach sheriff in Etowah county, since no one would have known about it.

You know what else didn’t happen?  Back in 2016, the whistleblower looked at her life, the strange activities around her home, followed cars, midnight prowlers, dogs that ‘disappeared; the loss of a child, trackers on the car, and said:  That’s enough.  You win.  I’m shutting the blog down.  That didn't happen.  The truth is she stuck her neck out to speak the truth as did a lot of others.

Sort of reminds you of George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, doesn’t it.

Thanks to the blog’s research and investigations (and the reporting from Keith, Eric, and Ashley –thanks, guys), the sheriff was forced to give up a third term, clearing the way for integrity and dignity to return.  She had to submit to being shamed by the law enforcement brotherhood.  She had to take the 5th 30 (!) times.  That would be to make you slink back under that rock you crawled out from under, if you had a conscience.  She doesn’t, of course.  This may be all the punishment gets.

But think of it!  She could have won a third term to continue her self-enrichment and her ‘criminal enterprise’.  She did get two federal misdemeanors.  That’s a lot even for a sheriff in Alabama. 

And now, a civil suit filed by the MC DA.


  1. This is the clear definition of Glenda Lockhart. Fore-sight. Look it up.

    Thank you Glenda Lockhart. Among many others. However, this woman had fore-sight. I praise God for you dear woman. I apologize for your sacrifices. But, you did help all citizens of Morgan County, at the least. Whether they know it or not. Additionally, I share your humor and enjoy your "alternate history" Lord knows it's played through my mind.

  2. Ana can we have a press conference from you to hear about how you going to put your accusers in jail or otherwise silence them? Those you tried to make look crazy and tried to destroy were not silenced or destroyed. In fact no one has heard from you in awhile. Where are all your friends? They ran for the hills to try to escape and you are silenced! Press conference? Polygraph? Drug test? Press conference? More spin and deceit or silence? Resign and apologize to all those you have done harm to including the citizens of Morgan County. Just go away and take those who are to ignorant to leave who helped your criminal enterprise with you. Maybe now that everyone is seeing what a deceptive criminal and failure of a Sheriff you really are in your dishonesty and greed you will try to save face a little and make right what you have wronged in your last days of office. Or will you continue to try to be the Grench who stole Christmas and much worse?

  3. Maybe you can be housed with your cousin Steenson close. You can rehash the good times on Risky Buisness. Wasn’t it nice when you had almost an endless supply of money and your deputies could barely make ends meet. They still are paid peanuts as you turned the Sheriffs Office into your own personal peanut gallery for your own personal gain! Ana and this joke Grey act like it’s over and no more problems. I bet Barney Lovelace wishes it was and is not going to be happy when the public sees how much tax payer money he padded his pockets with. Maybe Barney Lovelace’s reputable law firm can bail him out. This all is far from over and those who Ana and Barney tried to destroy will infact rise above it all as the truth is exposed. To ALL those who were affiliated with Ana and her criminal enterprise in surrounding counties, do you look over your shoulder for the long arm of the law catching up to you? Ana’s money trail leads to some interesting places. Will Ana finally roll? She did some shady buisness with some shady people. Maybe Ana should roll before those shady people she was in bed with try to keep themselves from being exposed. Money speaks volumes. Not having access to more speaks even more loudly. Will Ana be able to afford her own attorneys much longer now that she has no available funds? No immunity? And no one really left in her corner? Sad times but it’s worse when some is in a similar place under false pretenses. Ana’s fabrication and deception is now over. Good bye criminals. It cost many a great deal to see this through but resilience and persistence prevails.because of truth. South Alabama estates won’t be in Ana’s future. Crime paid for quite some time but now the price will be isolation and attempts at rehabilitation inside the same criminal justice system she was such a disgrace to along with those who assisted her.

  4. Ron Livingston, Cowboy Larry Berzett and wife, Bones Wilson, and Justin Powell is it not time to ride out already like the other criminal thugs have? Ana lost and as she said it would get ugly before it got better. When you all are released from prison maybe then it will get better. Good luck to you all during the rest of your lives away from the right side of law enforcement. So sad when cops go bad. And most of you that are left don’t have a clue as to what real cops are. Greed is ugly and caught you all.

  5. Dream on people. Misdemeanors ain’t crap. She has committed felonies. She’s free and will never see a jail. I hate to admit that but it’s true. The Feds are done and this grandstanding by the D A is too little too late. They all will be on a beach somewhere celebrating ! It’s sad but it’s how corrupt this county is. They have been investigating her and her chosen few for a few years and this is all?? No jail people she’s celebrating. Wake up. It’s sad

  6. I highly doubt that. Merry Christmas