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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Wow! Ana going to work? Why bother?

Folks, our sources tell us that Sheriff Ana Franklin has been in the office four or five times during the past couple of weeks.  Probably trying to figure out if she can pawn Greg Steenson off on another sheriff.  Ana could call Marshall County Sheriff Walls to help her out.  That may not have worked to well for him the last time he took a very ill inmate.

Limestone County sheriff dumped Steenson back in Ana's lap.  It's pretty bad when sheriffs in surrounding counties don't want to take your inmates.

At one time when Ana was on top of her game, there was a lot of swapping of inmates.

Does it really matter at this point anyway?  Judge Thompson clipped Ana, Bones, Blake, and Powell's wings when he let the entire state know the corruption they had been involved in.  The lies, deceit, unlawful, and corrupt actions of those employees who have been identified in a court of law and not to mention the law enforcement officers that were brave enough to testify against them.

Sheriff Ana Franklin was a popular sheriff.   Everybody thought sweet Ana was going to change the direction that the MC sheriffs office had been going in.  Buddy!  She changed it alright.  Ana made a name for herself.  Big time.

Ana rebuilt the posse.  Horse trailers, horses, fine saddles, equine equipment for the best of the best.  Thousands and thousands of dollars.  Money that was supposed to augment the sheriff's office and go to special needs.  Special needs indeed.  Guess where the money went?


  1. She may have thought she should go in just in case VP Pence drops by while he is Alabama to follow up on note passing.

  2. If anyone could ask Pence about that note t would be awesome but a question he would likely not answer

    1. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when he opened that note. Then I would have loved to have read Pence's mind. Let your minds run wild with those ideas. Sounds like a trivia game.

  3. She is probably trying to figure out how to get out of this mess...let me get this straight...she breaks into whistleblower office and Leon Bradley home...then turns around and sues her for conspiracy? I've seen crazy but this is ridiculous. Look in the mirror Ana.