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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

We VOTED - Did You?

We apparently missed a Decatur Daily Poll that overwhelmingly supports disallowing the MC Sheriff from taking inmate food funds.

Ana, you should be thanking the whistleblowers for bringing to the attention of the voters the amount of money you took from the inmate food funds in one day alone.

You would not have won this race. We hear jokingly that you wrote your own name in for sheriff.  Can't say we blame you if you did.  It might have been the only one you got.  It's all right, momma.  We have a new sheriff in town.  We look forward to a fresh change for Morgan County.  We have had egg on our faces long enough.  So thanks a bunch...  You made it all happen...

We can barely wait to see the turn out on Local Amendment One (1).

By the way Ana, who you hiding on the 3d floor?


  1. Ana Bones Blake Berzett and Livingston are you all realizing even more it’s game over? Gene Mitchell loosing hurt a little Bones? Game over guys. Best bet is by far is to come clean and shoot straight. Look at Booger and Steenson. That is your future. You can run but you can not hide. Everyone will know the truth even if Ana does finish her term.

  2. How are you doing Barney? Things going your way?

  3. Gene Mitchell should have realized letting Ana or her biggest side kick Bones anywhere around he absolutely sealed his fate.

  4. Gene Mitchell let pride and greed cause him to go out in humiliation and embarrassment. This genius of a politician who once walked the halls of power in Montgomery just got his ass handed to him by someone who has never been in politics in his life and someone whom Gene openly made fun of his occupation as a probation and parole officer as if he wasn't a real law enforcement officer. Who's laughing now Gene? Lies finally got you, You got exposed little man... I hope the lesson you learn from this is think before you lie on someone again. Thats what this was all about. When you intentionally lied on me.

  5. Get your signs off the road and take them to the dump or burn them because they will NEVER be needed again.

    1. Well Max was pretty good at taking up Genes signs during campaigning time , sooo Max would you like to continue taking up signs ??? Make yourself useful because you're obviously not good for anything except having people plus yourself talk shit on an anonymous website . Someone must be scared to say this shit without hiding their identity.