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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Vice President welcomed to Birmingham

Blogger Comments:  Folks we have viewed all the pictures of VP Pence visit and did not see hide nor hair of sheriff Franklin.  The event appeared to have gone off as planned.  No sheriff Ana Franklin in opened toed shoes with white socks on.  No folded notes to speak of.  Maybe Ana learned her lesson.  Do not slip high ranking officials notes in view of millions of viewers.  Somebody is going to catch it.  

Franklin appeared to have a note ready to hand off to President Trump but was ignored so Ana did all she could do which was hand VP Pence a note.  Desperate.  A desperate sheriff that made irreversible decisions.  

The conspiracy theory is hilarious but we have to tell you that the white socks with open-toed shoes in a formal uniform was tacky.  

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