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Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Healing Begins

Blogger Comments:  Folks, with the commission's help Morgan County has begun to heal.  We have had 7 years and 10 months of incompetency with Sheriff Ana Franklin running the sheriffs office.  We have a new sheriff who will be sworn in January 2019 which is exciting and will help heal the black eye Sheriff Franklin has given Morgan County.  

Morgan Commission improving courthouse security



  1. just need to get rid of Judge Howell now

  2. A blog needs to be started about the corruption of Judge Jennifer Howell! How she is still able to hold her seat on the bench is beyond me! She has violated the rights of so many Morgan County citizens (some including children) with her incompetent and corrupt rulings!
    My question does she get away with? How did she get away with violating peoples amendment rights and civil rights? Not only does she violate them, but verbally threatens to throw them in jail if they pursue defending their legal rights!
    It was reported by a neighbor of Judge Howell that her and her husband Johnny Howell (who works in law enforcement and has many “connections” with his law enforcement buddies in Morgan County) how they used inmates and transported them to do work on their property. Can anyone say.....Slave labor? Ethics violation? Abuse of power?
    Not to mention her being in cahoots with Ana Franklin! Having one another's backs, doing special favors for one another (and when I say “special” I really mean ILLEGAL). Judge Howell is partly responsible for Kay Stevens being murdered! Her friendship and loyalty to Ana Franklin (in Ana wanting to protect the man who murdered Kay because the former Sheriff was friends with the murder) trumped doing the RIGHT thing in helping to protect an innocent woman! And God forbid you go to court against anyone who works in law-enforcement… Because no matter how much proof you have… You will lose! Because of her history of her father workimg in law-enforcement as well as her husband… She shows favoritism! She actively participates in the blue wall of silence!
    But that’s Morgan County for you… Full of corruption...from the police department to the judicial system! It’s all about scratching one another's backs, covering up for one another, and protecting their matter the cost!
    Why hasn’t the FBI investigated Judge Howell? I guarantee you if the FBI made a public announcement for people to come forward with complaints and evidence...there would be a laundry list of legitimate complaints and evidence against her!

  3. The security of the courthouse improved when officers Eubanks and officer Kelly started working there. I know from my experience in jail that these two officers are both �� about there jobs. They never treated any inmates different from each other and they were rules rules rules. Both of them were fair but would let you know when you messed up. The jail has went to hell since they have been gone. My husband is still there and officers aren’t doing jobs anymore it’s nasty and fights all the time. I pray for my husband everyday that he survives his time until he can come home.