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Friday, November 2, 2018

Sheriff Gene Mitchell - Speaks with forked tongue

Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Gene Mitchell, speaking with a forked tongue, hiring his brothers, says he won't take inmate food funds (but does), doesn't know if he profited from inmate food funds, and who is trying to help him out with some of his lies?

Like many of the other sheriffs in Alabama who have taken inmate food funds, Mitchell got his share.  What if anything will Governor Ivey and or the legislature do about this problem?  Sheriffs have taken millions of dollars in inmate food funds over the years and will not stop unless the legislature takes action.  

That's what happens when you kiss up to a man who speaks with a forked tongue.

Excerpts from articles below along with a copy of the request for information and the response from the Lawrence County Commission.

Ole Gene seems to be very popular in Lawrence County.  Sure hope you folks are as lucky as we are in Morgan County.  No More Ana.
Just a reminder, in 2006 then sheriff candidate Gene Mitchell told the Decatur Daily he would not keep leftover jail food money. It would go into the county general fund. Since taking office in January 2007 he has kept all jail food funds.

Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell says he keeps the state-issued money for the feeding of inmates in a personal account, but doesn't know if he has personally profited from the $1.75 per-inmate, per-day payments.  (August 24, 2018 Dec. Daily).

Mitchell said his department receives $1.75 per inmate per day from the state to feed the prisoners three meals a day. He said the Lawrence County Jail, with a designed capacity of 115, currently houses 140 inmates. Those numbers add up to $245 a day to serve 420 meals. At a 140-inmate basis, the Sheriff’s Department would receive $89,425 to serve 153,300 meals annually. “There’s certainly no money left over, but you’ve got to feed them if the money is in the budget or not,” Mitchell said.  (March 23, 2018 Dec. Daily).
Two quotes within five months, in Sheriff Gene Mitchell says he doesn't know if he has personally profited, in the other, he states There's certainly no money left over. How does he know there is no money left over if he doesn't know if he is profiting or not? Think about it, if there is no money left over then he is not profiting, why not just say that, why say he doesn't know. Is that to provide him cover if it comes out that he is profiting from the leftover jail food money?  Also, does this sound like someone who is on top of their record keeping? Or is this someone splitting hairs with the truth?  I think the sheriff or his office manager knows exactly how much money is coming in, how much is going out and what is left over if any. I think he or she knows to the penny, this is just smoke and mirrors because I think he like every other sheriff who has revealed their records is making a lot of money off the leftover jail food money. 
Gene Mitchell says stay out of his personal taxes, if he so desired he could release the records of the jail food account only which would show what is going in and what is coming out and it would reveal exactly if and by how much he is profiting or losing money and this could be done without releasing any of his personal tax information not related to the jail food account. Who manages the jail food account? Is Gene Mitchell saying that the ONLY records related to the jail food account are his taxes? What or where is the information that he provides his accountant or the person who prepares his taxes? Does he provide them with some documentation? If so where is that documentation? All this tax bull is just so he can keep from revealing the true numbers of the food account.


  1. So the commission office has no records of the work release center being bid and built? This will have to be investigated by the attorney general if this FOIA is accurate and no information is available

  2. There is a reason he is known as clean Gene and the silver tongue devil.

  3. So bid specifications, bid opening and bid award information for the work release center was requested and the commission replied to his request "can't find information" this is a serious violation of the law that must be investigated. The state attorney general needs to investigate this to see if there was any violations of the law because the building was built, there has to be records unless someone broke the law.

  4. Looks like poor beverly corum has been led down a false trail. Dont blame her, she nieve to Genes political maneuvering she was just a pawn in his scheme that has been brought to light.

  5. Gene Mitchell, I just seen on Ch19 news where Madison County arrested a corrections officer and charged him with Custodial Sexual Misconduct. My question is in 12 years how many corrections officers could you have charged with this crime and did not? And why? Specifically J.B. didn't one take an inmate to a jail conference? What did you do about that? Funny how only certain one gets arrested and everyone else doesnt. Poor management or politics or both?

    1. Gene why was baker let go? A felony? Why was he not charged? You seem to prosecute only those you consider a political threat.

  6. Gene mitchell is as bad of a flip flop per as Ole john kerry, gene and that forked tongue, liberal democrat, in the same mold as Nancy pelosie, Maxine waters and barack Obama no difference, using their same campaign tactics. Gene do you support abortion as other democrats? Gene do you want to take away our guns as your fellow democrats do? Just another liberal democrat.

  7. How was a work release center built by Coffey Brothers and we all know about their connections with Gene and no bid specifications were advertised, no sealed bids received and no bid awarded in a public meeting, no records? This sounds like the law was violated, if it is as it appears, records can't be found then the alabama attorney general must come in and do a full investigation and arrest who ever has violated the law no matter who they are or what their position, law enforcement or not. This must be investigated. This will not end tuesday regardless of results.

  8. Folks i hate to have to point this out on election day but with one day to go before we go to the polls Gene Mitchell cant stop lying. First he retired in 1988 after he was transferred from ABI to Patrol and put back in uniform at the rank of Lieutenant not as Colonel or as TOP COP! He did RESIGN from DPS as Director in 1996 in the midst of a scandal involving him and two other cabinet members that has been posted here on Whistleblower. Gene get your facts straight and don't try and embellish 24 hours out, so sad that Gene has to be called out on these false statements again and again. Gene seems to be pushing in his add to vote straight Republican or at least according to his sample ballot and lastly come watch the returns at headquarters but you got to but your own food and here is the menu, lol that last one is just plain funny. Gene may be worried his honey hole fixing to dry up and he may need that money. I did notice the REBEL flag on his George Wallace motorcycle. I wonder what the ADC thinks about that?