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Friday, November 30, 2018

Sheriff Elect Ron Puckett and Chief Deputy Chris Price

Blogger Comments:  Folks another step in the right direction.  The direction Puckett is taking will protect the public and cut out the middle man so to speak. In addition, it will free up jailers to be jailers instead of jailer/dispatchers.  There will most likely be savings to the sheriff's office as well as the county so far as equipment, maintenance, information technology support, and legal issues go.

Hats off to Sheriff-Elect Ron Puckett.

New Morgan sheriff will switch dispatching to 911

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  1. Ana, we can't wait for you to get your picture off of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office website and Sheriff Ron Puckett's is on there. The whole time you have been in office, you have had ***SLIDESHOW OF STAFF WILL BE UPDATED SOON***. Never was updated, just your picture on there. You've been too busy figuring out how to steal sheriff office funds, than to have someone keeping your website up to date.