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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Sheriff Ana Franklin - Glenda Lockhart under investigation

Looking back on December 7, 2016.  Sheriff Ana Franklin claims her side has rules they must abide by.  We can't help but wonder what guidelines has she ever abided by.  Over and over again she claims the whistleblower was under investigation for criminal actions.  Heck! We haven't gotten mad and cried like babies nor we have lied and complained to every county from here to Etowah County.  We haven't had to lie.

Franklin took hundreds of electronic and hard copy business documents that have never been returned.

Almost everything Sheriff Ana Franklin said in her press conference was a flat out lie.  Almost.  She admitted that the blog had truths in it.  Well, we will be danged.  She actually admitted our blog was truthful.

In return, we will admit that Sheriff Ana Franklin is a liar, has been a liar since the day she took office and is still a liar today.

Sheriff Ana Franklin claims the blog is hurtful.  Sometimes the truth hurts.  You can hear Franklin screaming like a banshee at the end of the video.  She sure seemed to be high on adrenalin.  Or maybe she was just in hot pursuit to stop the whistleblowers for ratting her sorry butt out.

Bottom Line:


  1. BOOM SHAKALALA...Ana don't try to blame the whistle blowers for your lies. They caught you and you got mad and illegally raided their office. End of story.

  2. Pitiful, poor pitiful LIAR. Yes, you have been exposed for all your corruption, get out of Morgan County. We have had more than enough of your lies and crap.

  3. We have a great new Sheriff Ana, you should be under your jail. Why don't you just resign and save you some more embarrassment? Let Sheriff Ron go ahead and take over, for a lot of reasons, but mostly for your employees that can't wait for you to get out, so they can have some peace and enjoy coming every day to their jobs.